A Deal with the Devil

A Deal with the Devil (Sweet Home Chicago #1)by Abby Matisse
Kindle EditionRead March 13, 2015

Original Release Date: July 26, 2012

Length: 226 pages

Official Description: (Book #1 in the Sweet Home Chicago series)

In this lighthearted romantic comedy, a practical, responsible Chicago career woman agrees to pose as the fiance of her ex in exchange for money.

A woman in trouble.
Amanda Wilson is in trouble and as usual, it has everything to do with her irresponsible brother. So, she heads to her best friend’s cabin in Lake Geneva for a weekend of solitude and soul-searching. But she didn’t count on the blizzard or the unexpected arrival of the man who broke her heart. The man she’s come to think of as the devil.

A man from her past.
Fresh out of the Navy SEALs, Jake Lowell is ready to start his own business using his trust fund as seed money. But his grandfather has other ideas and changed the terms, requiring Jake to marry before he gets access. Now he needs a plan. But first, he must head to Lake Geneva where his ex is vacationing, ignoring all the weather bulletins and her best friend’s calls, pleading with her to come home.

A deal that changes everything.
Getting stranded in Lake Geneva wasn’t part of Jake’s plan. Neither was his proposal. And he definitely hadn’t expected her to agree, but she did. Now they are forced to deal with unresolved feelings and the issues that tore them apart a year ago. Jake’s proposal seemed like the perfect solution for both of them but it soon becomes clear that their harmless little engagement deal is far more complicated than either could have imagined.

My Take: 

Ok I think I am about done with these fluffy ‘romantic’ books. They are all the same, they have this crazy notion of love. Not even love, it’s all about manipulation that ‘turns into love’. My goodness, I just couldn’t get into this book. It seems that I am having poor luck lately picking out a good book. This actually put me to sleep. Honestly, it isn’t written terribly, the writing is good, it is just the story. I don’t like the characters, I don’t think they had chemistry. I don’t like manipulation in a relationship. Even if you know what is going on. Overall, it just didn’t cut it for me. The average rating for this book on Goodreads is 3.54, which means that there are plenty of people who love it. If you enjoy the formulaic romantic books that are out there, you might like this. If you like the alpha male and stubborn female joining together to trick family members but then fall in love ‘for reals.’ Then you may like this, it’s just not for me.

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Storm Front

by Jim Butcher
Hardcover EditionRead March 9, 2015

Original Release Date: January 1, 2000

Length: 320 pages

Official Description: (Book #1 in the Dresden Files series)

Harry Dresden wizard PI narrates bad cases from Chicago PD. Hearts explode out of chests, singer Tommy Tomm in bed with whore Jen Stanton. Chauffeur is next victim. Warden Morgan for White Council wants Harry executed for murders. Monica Sells pays Harry up front to find husband Victor. Harry realizes black wizard Shadowman powers evil spells with storms.

My Take: 

This is another one of those books that I’ve owned for awhile. In fact I not only own the Kindle version I own the hardback and the audio. Why? Well, I wanted to read it and I kept forgetting that I already owned it. How did I read it then? I actually dual read it using my hardback and the audio. Let’s talk about the important stuff first, the story. I don’t know what I was expecting, I really don’t know a whole lot about this series, except everyone that I know that has read it, loves it. I haven’t even seen the Dresden Files TV series, though my husband has. Harry Dresden is a wizard, a wizard detective. Which is pretty awesome, except he seems to have Morgan stalking him waiting for him to make a mistake so the White Council can kill him. Morgan always shows up at the wrong time. Morgan’s character both irritates me and intrigues me. There are no real grey areas in the wizarding world. This makes Harry’s life a bit more difficult. The book is really well written, Harry has a great wit about him that makes his character likable. The world, though not entirely flushed out, that Harry lives in is interesting and full of great possibilities for the rest of the series. Of course there are 15 books out currently, not including the novellas or the two expected books. Needless to say this is a popular series. With the writing  that is displayed in just the first book it is no wonder that this series took off.

Now the audio book. This is narrated by James Marsters. Which was the sole reason that I had the audio book. He first came to my nerdy little attention on such classic shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and had a romp around Smallville for a time. He was entertaining in those formats, so why not audio? He did a pretty good job, it was read a bit more dry than I would have expected, but he did well. I mean he does narrate all the other books in the series so, obviously, others liked the performance that he put forth. One thing was that there was background noise. Not a lot, mostly you could hear the pages being turned, the transition from takes isn’t seamless either. Other than those minor little details the audio was wonderful. The first book was short, and gave you just a small taste of what is to come and I am giddy to jump aboard this train. I may be a decade and a half past the original departure, but hey now I don’t have to wait forever to read the next book.


“Smiling always seems to annoy people more than actually insulting them. Or maybe I just have an annoying smile.”

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Winter Kisses

by Addison Moore
Kindle EditionRead March 1, 2015

Original Release Date: October 26, 2013

Length: 164 pages

Official Description: (3:AM Kisses #2)

Laney Sawyer used to believe in love and all of the trappings that happily ever after could provide until Ryder Capwell crushed her heart. When Laney is auctioned off as a prize at the drama department fundraiser the last person she expects to trade cold hard cash for her company is Ryder.

Ryder Capwell is in love with Laney Sawyer. One year ago she walked out of his life and took the light of his world right along with her. Ryder would do anything to have another chance with Laney, including purchasing her for the evening courtesy of Whitney Briggs University, and he does just that.

One thing leads to whiskey, which leads to a one-night stand. She thinks it’s revenge sex—he thinks its make-up sex. Things can only go wrong from here.

My Take:

This is a little novella. It is confusing really, it starts in the middle of the story, I am not sure if any of Laney’s story is in the first book, the names seem familiar, but it has been a while since I read 3:AM Kisses. What can I say about this book? Have you read Addison Moore’s other books?Have you read any other new adult genre books? Well, this is the same as all of those. I just kept reading and thinking “I’ve read this before right?” The story of Laney and Rider just didn’t seem special, it was too predictable, too mushy love story, but mostly a sex story.  Laney has to deal with a rich boyfriend and the expectations of a white-collar family.  Though Laney is not the classiest of broads herself.  The writing is not the best of Ms Moore’s work, though it seems like she just is turning out formulaic new adult these days. Honestly the whole time I read this book, I felt lost. It is like you are starting in the center of the book instead of the beginning. I have hope that future books will fare better than this little one.


“Sometimes you need to say things with actions, you need to show one another that the inherent promises a relationship entails are going to be kept. That when you give your heart away, the person you give it to will protect it at all costs. Every girl dreams of being loved with an unquenchable fire —- and the only person who I’d want that combustible affection from is right here next to me, lighting up the sheets.”

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The Pirate’s Daughter

by Margaret Cezair-Thompson
Kindle EditionRead June 27, 2013

Original Release Date: January 1, 2007

Length: 428 pages

Official Description:

For the ruthless Sith Order, failure is not an option. It is an offense punishable by death-and a fate to which Commander Yaru Korsin will not succumb. But on a crucial run to deliver troops and precious crystals to a combat hotspot in the Sith’s war against the Republic, Korsin and the crew of the mining ship Omen are ambushed by a Jedi starfighter. And when the Sith craft crash-lands, torn and crippled, on a desolate alien planet, the hard-bitten captain finds himself at odds with desperate survivors on the brink of mutiny-and his own vengeful half-brother, who’s bent on seizing command.

No matter the cost, Korsin vows that it will not be his blood and bones left behind on this unknown world. For the way of the Sith leaves little room for compromise-and none at all for mercy.

My Take:  (Written in 2013)

I must say that this book was a well written story, it has a lot of non-fiction thrown into the fiction and it paints Jamaica beautifully. It was interesting to read of Errol Flynn, but ultimately this just wasn’t a book for me. I think most people would like it, but it was just too slow for my liking. If you have the time to sit down and read this and you like the fiction/non-fiction romance/tragedy then you’ll like this one.

The Undisciplined Bride

by Ginger Voight
Kindle EditionRead February 18, 2015

Original Release Date: October 1, 2013

Length: 324 pages

Official Description:

Throughout her 23 years, Peyton Prescott was used to running the show. That went into overdrive the minute she agreed to become a bride. Born into an affluent Southern family, she was expected to fulfill her social obligation to marry well, and found that unsuspecting groom in her pushover fiancé, Leland Goodreau. He, like the rest of her family, catered to her every whim to keep her happy, and she predicted a satisfactory, if not boring, existence as his missus.

In fact, the only real human to stand up to this bridezilla from hell is Mateo Bravo, one of the chefs she considers to cater the blessed event. Sparks fly the minute they meet and out of sheer defiance, she hires Mateo and his sister Naomi for every social gathering in the remaining months until she marries.

Mateo, unlike any other man she’s ever met, doesn’t put up with Peyton’s behavior. With a masculine energy that she finds alluring and exciting, he turns her entitled existence upside down by showing her she’s not always the boss. No one is more surprised than she is when she finds out that she kind of likes it.

Peyton decides to seduce, and then dump, the middle-class cook, just to get him out from under her skin. Instead she finds out that there are a few things in life even the great Peyton Prescott can’t plan.

My Take: 

I was reluctant to read this book, and mostly it held up to my expectations. There were some good parts that were enjoyable but overall it was just too contrived and lasted longer than it should have.  There are too many POVs and living here in Texas, I understand the “good ol’ boy” mentality. Granted these tycoons in the story a little higher in pay than oil money, even though these are oil barons, the mentality is still there.  We have a few wealthy heiresses, one that follows the typical heiress stereotype. She is out for money, marrying because it is expected and to the ‘right’ person, not for love. She is a kept woman, of course she has a degree but she is expected to stay out of man’s work. Then there is the other one, she is a tomboy, loves to get her hands dirty, loves women is completely the opposite of other girl. They are best friends, but not really. Peyton (typical socialite) walks all over Lissette (the other one) and everyone else in her path. What is this story about? Well it’s kind of a coming of age Peyton realizes that her boring life may not be all that it’s cracked up to be and Lissette just wants to be free. Then there are the Bravos a catering family with their own stories. Everyone has a POV, it’s too much really, pick a story and character not everyone has to have a voice. The ‘romance’ of Mateo and Peyton is cookie cutter, you know what’s going to happen, you know what the reaction is going to be to everyone around Peyton is going to be. It’s a quick read though. There are some fun times, I always like when a lady stands up for herself in a ‘man’s world’ even if nothing comes of it. This is just a typical contemporary romance, set in my good ol’ Texas, so points there, it just was too predictable and fluffy for me.


“You show me someone who gets everything they want whenever they want it and I’ll show you a person who will never truly appreciate those things they have.”

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