My Life in Books – August (Part 3)

Yeah this is it in August, I read 14 books and this post will have the last 4. So I know (as of now) September should be a considerably slow month for reading, even though I have a list a mile high to read, I just don’t have the time. On the last 4 books of August I went to an academy with mythological heroes, journeyed with shifters, met a wendigo, and solved a mystery with a witch. These were not all winners, but  there were a few good ones.

August 21: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Kindle Edition) – This is the first full length novel in the Mythos Academy series, Kiss of Frost comes out later this year and First Frost was a sneak peek into the world of Gwen Frost. I did mention First Frost in part 2 of this series and it’s not necessary to read that one to understand this one. Gwen is a gypsy she goes to school with Spartans, Amazons and other legendary heroes, except all those heroes are loaded, they all can fight with swords and other kickin’ weapons and some do have magical abilities. Gwen feels out-of-place in this world that she’s been forced into and she sets it upon herself to solve a murder. Death isn’t a big deal at Mythos, since they fight hardcore all the time and they are trained to fight evil and their life expectancy is not very long. Gwen just can’t feel apathetic to death, even if it is for a horrible girl. So, this story we learn about what Mythos is about and we see Gwen try to discover her place. It is a pretty good story and I hate that I have to wait to find out more. I would like to see more about Logan because he’s a mystery, but this young adult paranormal book should hold your interest. It is not the best jut Jennifer Estep is a pretty good writer so she tells a good story, I am planning on looking into her Elemental Assassin series.

August 23: Wolf Flight by Vivian Arend (Kindle Edition) – Wolf Flight is the second in the Granite Lake Wolves Series the first being, Wolf Signs which I discussed in part 1 of the August book series. It is ok, it follows Tad Maxwell, the brother of our lead from the first book, and Missy Leason a new character and an Omega Wolf. She is kind of running away from her pack and she grew up with Tad. Her company hired Tad’s company to do stuff with them, whatever, that’s not important. The story is a romance, with about the same amount of sex/sexual tension as the first one, but with less chemistry. It’s a quick read but it’s just more of the same.

August 26: Lunar Light by Penelope Fletcher (Kindle Edition) – This book has a really cool cover, it screams beauty with a bit of gore and it is the first in the Beautiful Damned Series. I believe the series isn’t really tied to any character but more the characters are all beautiful with a tragic and deadly flaw. Lunar Light features Evangeline, a Wendiga, who was born into a curse she craves human flesh and must eat it (as a human) to turn into her Wendiga form during the full moon (3 nights). She dominates here region and lives in seclusion until a Wendigo (male) runs into her territory and she doesn’t kill him. Well, that sounds like an interesting story right? Well, I thought it would be, it has some good aspects to it, I could be more visceral, instead it focuses on the carnal, yes sex, wanting it, doing it..blah, blah, blah. Since this is an Indie book you have to endure the errors, words missing, typos, grammar mistakes, hey I’m not publishing books so I can critique it. Anyway the story had lots of potential, it just focused on the wrong areas. It is still pretty ok, Penelope Fletcher has written the Rae Wilder series, I own the first of these, and those have pretty good reviews, I’ll get to it one day. This is a cheap book, pick it up see if you like her writing style or just pass it’s whatever, I’m impartial. If we were talking the Hunger Games series, I so demand you pick them up!

August 30: Opal Fire by Barbra Annino (Kindle Edition) – I really enjoyed Opal Fire, I was expecting more magic I think, mostly because the cover shows her holding a witch’s hat, but it was not disappointing. I liked the mystery, I think I had it figured out in the back of my mind, but I just suppressed it for the ‘surprise’. So Stacy is a witch who used to ‘practice magic’ as a kid, then she moved away giving up on all belief of magic, then she moved back home to a cabin on her aunts property. She is a reporter, so when a fire occurs, where she’s almost killed, she decides to dig deeper, and she finds herself above and beyond what she expects. She has a Great Dane, Thor, who is just as entertaining as Stacy herself, who follows her along on her quest for the truth. Really the story is there, the characters are great and the author leaves you wanting more.


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