Mom Squad

Ok, so really this post is about exercise, yeah I know exciting, but hey I gotta work off my creme brulee, from last week. J/K I actually lost weight last week woo. So this morning I went for my jog in the park, I know I’m slacking, this was only my 3rd day in 3 weeks, and my phone was all messed up, so my playlist will seem short, but that’s b/c everything played random and I just am putting down what I remember.

So usually at 8:00a when I get to the park, it’s pretty quiet there are a few older people who are walking their dogs or sitting by the lake and occasional biker going down the bike trail, I wish I had a bike, and ducks. Today, I’m guessing since it was 80 degrees, the mom squad was there. The mom squad is my affectionate term for the gaggle of moms that can’t go out by themselves without other moms and their pack of kids. All in separate cars, because God forbid we be environmentally friendly, with children all under the age of 5, duh schools in session. Now, not only are these women moving in hoards they also just sit on the bench and ignore their children while giggling and gossiping. That is why I don’t like the mom squad being there when I’m doing my thing, call me paranoid, but I don’t like dozens of eyes judging me while I go by, that is why I don’t go to a gym, hello paranoia. So for my 36 minutes today I took the super long crazy up hill path and only went around thrice, but I went farther and I was going at a nice pace, because it’s stinking hot outside this week.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sans the mom squad.

Partial Playlist Day 3:

  1. Bust A Move (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast  –  4:24 (Not my fav. Version)
  2. Dejalo – Rilo Kiley  –  3:16
  3. (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar (feat. Felicia Day) – The Guild  –  3:39 (I can feel my hubby rolling those eyes)
  4. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbara Streisand  –  2:45
  5. Date Rape – Sublime  –  3:45

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