Bitter Demons

So I keep changing my mind on how I want to do my book thing. I think I am just going to post my tiny blurb after each book, because really, I just forget stuff as time goes on and I try to remember everything important. So first I have to play a little catch up.

First off Disclaimer:

  1. I am not in anyway related to anyone who authors, publishes or whatever with any books, it would be awesome if I was but, I’m not.
  2. I am not a writer, or a book blogger per say, I just happen to read a bit and have opinions.
  3. If I decide to delve into a book past my regular non-spoiler fare I will put up flags for spoilers so you can stop reading!
Well that should cover it…again, not a writer so forgive my errors and lack of witty commentary.

Bitter Demons by Sarra Cannon (Kindle Editon) Read September 1, 2011

Bitter Demons is the third installment of the Peachville High Demons series and I will say that it was good. The start was a bit slow, and we’re starting to get a bit lackluster with the series, but it is still pretty good. Mainly the lackluster was the beginning once the story picks up it is pretty enjoyable. I like that we learn more about our mysterious Jackson and what roll he is playing in Peachville. We also follow Harper on her journey to become Prima, she still really doesn’t like the idea of being taken over by a demon, but who in their right mind would? We also find out what it means to be a Prima and meet some other futures. Of course there is tragedy that is along the same lines as the first two, but it takes on a slightly different turn. This book does a lot of explaining while we are trying to solve our mystery, there’s Ms. Shadowford, Harper’s Mom, Shadowford Manor and Harper herself. Of course we don’t have all the answers, but I hope they are coming quickly. There is still so much that can happen between Jackson and Harper, but is it even a possibility? The story is a good one, the writing is fun and exciting I can’t wait for more!


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