Ethereal by Addison Moore (Kindle Edition) – Read September 7, 2011

I have heard a ton of things about this series, and I decided to finally check it out, and it’s only .99.  Ethereal is the first book in the Celestra series, and well the series title gives away that this book is in someway related to Angels. Skyla Messenger, Skyla’s Mom, little sister, step-dad and step-brother move to a little island called Paragon. The island just seems spooky, it’s always foggy and rainy and just a dreary little place. Well Paragon is more than meets the eye, there are secrets around every corner and multiple mysteries to solve.

So this is supposed to be a young adult paranormal romance. It is an indie book, so there are errors, not as many as A LOT of indie books but still they are there, acknowledge and then move on. This book features a prominent love triangleish thing and all the beaus in this town seem to be super attractive and ‘special’ . So far it seems more people have hidden talents than don’t but that is being a bit dramatic. There are a few things that the teens do that make me want to just jump in the book and slap them, but they are teens, and teens do stupid things. Overall this was an enjoyable read, and it leaves you wanting to read the next in the series (Tremble). It also seems to leave more questions than it answers. Also there are a few scenes that build up some tension…I can’t find the word I’m looking for but it could freak out younger readers, a little. That being said, yes I really got into this book, there were little mysteries everywhere and there are just so many questions to be answered.

Now cover, I love book covers, but you never know what’s behind their little facade. This particular one doesn’t stick out to me, it fits with the cloudiness of the story, but meh. However, I love the covers of the following books.


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