Deceived by the Others

Deceived By the Others (H&W Investigations) by Jess Haines (Kindle Edition) – Read September 12, 2011

Cost: $4.49 (as of this posting)

Cover: I like that each over in this series seems to get a little better. We have Shiarra in her hunting gear, which always looks cool. And we have the wolf in the background which lets us know that this one will have more to do with the Were’s than the previous  books. I like this cover way better than Taken by the Others and about the same as Hunted by the Others.

Summary: This is the 3rd in the H&W Series and picks up about a month after Taken by the Others leaves off. Shiarra is about to head out to the woods to get to know Chaz’s pack a bit better, and she’s contemplating signing herself over to Chaz. Before she heads off into the woods, several people try to contact her (white hats,  Alec Royce, etc.) letting her know that whatever is going down they aren’t involved, she decides to deal with it after her week-long vacation in the Catskills. Once she arrives at the campsite the threats start coming and Shiarra uses her P.I. Skills to figure out who’s doing it. But things aren’t always how they seem.

My Take: I liked this book a lot, it was far more personal a story than the previous two which made  it much more intriguing, and we get to see more about were’s than the previous books. Shiarra isn’t an other so she’s more vulnerable but she seems to get tougher as time goes on and she’s now a bit of a celebrity thanks to her destroying the Dominari Focus back in book one. She’s being tailed by a reporter, but that’s not a main focus. I have never been a fan of Chaz, he is a super jealous, dominating guy who always came off as selfish to me and he is a big focal point in the story. Anyway, I like the pace, there wasn’t a whole lot of action but the story line was intriguing and built up some suspense and made you question things. I could have used more Alec in the story, I have always been intrigued by him, but I’m sure the next one will have more of him (hoping). This did leave off as a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to pick up the next one!


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