The Vampire’s Curse

The Vampire’s Curse by S.J. Wright (Kindle Edition) – Read September 13, 2011

 Cost: $2.99 (as of this posting)

Cover: This cover definitely has an indie feel and also you can see the lines from a Photoshop type program. It fits well with the first one, but I liked it better. Mostly because of a) you can clearly see the blurred lines around our cover model and the color in the eyes looks painted in instead of altering the color. I know very little about Photoshop, I have seen my husband mess around with that stuff so I know that it can be done easily. Other than that it’s an ok cover.

Summary: We pick up right where the last book left off  (The Vampire’s Warden).  Sarah had learned that her family were vampire warden’s guarding those who are either in a deep sleep, or keeping those sentenced for wrong doings on her property. Also, her friend Alex, sent by her mom, was about to be turned back into a vampire and Sarah is reeling over finding out all of this information and  having almost lost her little sister to vampire kidnappers. So this book is the aftermath of all of that.

My Take: This book is a little longer than it’s predecessor, but it’s still fairly short and a light read. I think the paper back has 216 pages, but I read more quickly on the digital format. Anyway, I did like this one, not as much as I had hoped because it went in a completely different direction than I thought it would, which isn’t bad really. I just wanted to slap Alex upside the head a lot, and I am still rooting for Michael, he just seems a far more interesting, and less volatile character. The writing kept me interested and I like most of the characters, I keep flip-flopping on Alex though. There was more sex, blood and drinking in this one but none of them are over the top and they all move the story forward. The story is lacking in areas, we meet a ton of new characters and we don’t really know much about them, yet, so lack of back story and development leaves the story a little lacking in spots. I do like that we got to see multiple points of view, instead of just the main heroine. I must say, I hate cliffhangers, especially when there isn’t a book currently out that I can pick up. Overall it was an enjoyable story.


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