The Importance of Being Emily

The Importance of Being Emily by Robyn Bachar (Kindle Edition) – Read on September 16, 2011

Cost: $2.80 (As of This Posting)

Cover: I like this cover it’s got that mystical feel with the electrical like material around the gloved hand, the dress is pretty, the colors work well.

Summary: Miss Emily Wright is a matchmaker, really a seer, and attending Lord Willowbrook’s spring ball with her sisters and a lot of other people. Amidst the ball and gossiping and dancing a murder occurs and Emily decides that she will help solve the crime using her seeing abilities and maybe bring a little excitement into her life.

My Take: I had previoiusly read Ms. Bachar’s other book, Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, which seems to be in the same type of world. There are chroniclers, sorcerers, necromancers, etc. except this one is set in the olden days. I’m not sure when, maybe mid to late 1800s. So the mythology seems to be similar, any way, I liked this one a lot better. It is a short book and we follow Emily as she extends herself beyond her previous matchmaking jobs to solve a murder or two. She wants to exonerate the mentor of the man she loves and can never have, he has been promised to turn into a chronicler, a vampire type librarian, who would be married to his work. However, back in the day women weren’t really thought as useful so she has to fight stereotype and propriety to find the killer. It’s a good story, a little cliched in parts, but the characters are intriguing the world is fun, and though the culprit is obvious it was an interesting ride to the end.


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