Betrayed by Morgan Rice (Kindle Edition) – Read September 20, 2011

Cost: $4.99 (as of this posting)

Cover: It’s consistent with the other 2, we have fangs with blood running down the lips, I think they are all different cover models though. It has the red back drop, which is eye-catching, good cover simple, conveys what the books about.

Description: Caitlin was stabbed with a sword the last time we saw her begging to be turned into  a full-fledged vamp. She wakes up after a time in a coma, and is in a new location, with Caleb watching over her, she is indeed a full-bred now and she can fly. However, there is a war beginning now that the sword has been stolen by Kyle and Caitlin’s brother is off somewhere with Samantha. Sera, Caleb’s ex, shows up to throw a crimp in everything and Caitlin has to grow up and decide what needs to be done.

My Take: Ok, I liked the first 2 books in the Vampire Journals, and this one is ok. I was so freakin’ mad at Caitlin though, ug teenagers! I mean come on, grow up your life isn’t the same and try not to be so fickle. She did grow some and she is coming into herself, but man it’s a frustrating process. There were parts in the story, where I just wanted to say, “Really? Again?” but it has some interesting plot turns. We meet new characters and they are pretty interesting, Caitlin’s character just seems to be regressing in maturity though, I hope she grows up in the next one, I mean really she has to. Anyway, Sam and Samantha’s story line gets an interesting twist and , Kyle is just pure malevolence right now. There are multiple story lines going at once, 3 actually, and we even go back and see a character from Turned which was…interesting, but not necessary. The books do seem to be getting longer which is good, I do plan on picking up the next one, but I’m hoping for more character growth.


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