Vampire Moon

Vampire Moon by J.R. Rain (Kindle Edition) – Read September 24, 2011

Cost: $3.99 (as of this post)

Cover: I’m not a fan of this cover series, it makes me think of pirates for some reason.  This is one of those Don’t judge a book by the cover instances.

Summary: (This is book 2 in the ‘Vampire for Hire’ Series)Samantha Moon is a vampire, a mom, a P.I. and an Ex-Wife. 6 years ago she was turned into a vamp and over the years her husband began to hate her, cheating on her, in the last book she was kicked out of her own home, had her kids ripped away from her, and was trying to figure out who was trying to kill Kingsley. We start-up about where we left off. She has a few new cases, she becomes a bodyguard for a battered young woman, trys to bring justice to a killer, all while trying to get her kids back.

My Take:  I did enjoy this book, it has a lot of sarcasm, some language and it’s not all hard-core paranormal, it’s still a detective story with a paranormal twist. Sam is a likable character and she’s trying to come into her own, she has hidden in the shadows for 6 years since being turned, and she just needs to get all her ducks in a row so she can move on with life. She has two cases this time and both are killers, and she feels she needs to bring some justice in those cases. She is a body-guard to Monica who was beaten and nearly killed by her husband, and he won’t stop until she’s dead. Also there’s also her jerk ex who keeps taking her kids away, only allowing a 20 minute phone call at 7:00pm and then those start going away. He just becomes more and more unlikable. I would love to have seen some more between Kingsley and Sam as Kingsley was hardly in this one at all, they just have so much chemistry, it seems a waste. Then there’s Fang, there’s always that dynamic to consider, he’s her go to guy the only one who knows EVERYTHING she’s done and has gone through, he’s a rock. I do love the sarcastic and sometimes flippant dialogue that goes through here, I believe this one is better than the last, I’ll have to pick up the next soon.


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