Tremble by Addison Moore (Kindle Edition) – Read September 25, 2011

Cost: $0.99 (as of this post)

Cover: I love this cover, the butterfly submerged underwater with all the little bubbles, and the body of the butterfly almost looks like a person, almost. I love the blue, it’s just pretty.

My Take: (This is book 2 of the Celestra Series) First off I will say the Fems freak me out, this book goes a little darker and I don’t trust Chloe at all…So first I’ll start with what I don’t like:

  1. Skyla seems to be a bit childish still, I know it’s just after the first book, but still she seems to be getting worse as far as a character, it’s hard to relate sometimes. I know she’s a teenager, but man is that girl fickle. I’m in the Gage camp right now though.
Ok that was the big thing that bothered me. Now with what I liked, the rest of the story pretty much, I like Marshal he was introduced well and he’s that guy you love to hate but still kinda like.  I like that we learn more about Skyla’s powers and she is starting to use them, I’m still curious about her heritage, they haven’t gone into that much since she’s “Pure Celestra” and her mom insists that she’s ‘no angel’. Maybe her mom is the girl that they mentioned in the last book? Hmm…I like that this story is kind of dark, but not too terribly. I love the writing style, the characters are getting better and I’m starting to question everyone really. This ‘epic battle’ the Celestra have against the Counts and everyone else may get interesting, especially that Logan twist.

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