Shadow Demons

Shadow Demons by Sarra Cannon (Kindle Edition) – Read September 30, 2011

Cost: $2.99 (as of this post)

Cover: I like that these books have been consistent, they have the same cover model with an important artifact on the cover and the font and colors have all been the same. I like that, my son (who’s 6) says he wants to marry the girl on the covers…he thinks it’s the best cover of the books I’ve been reading lately. 🙂

Product Description: “In Peachville, there’s a fine line between good and evil. That line is about to be crossed.”

My Take: I can’t believe this series is almost over, just one book after this one. I liked this it is going out of the box that we’ve been in for the last 3 books. Harper is finding herself again, her true self not her fake glamour cheerleader self, she is seeing things for what they are, FINALLY, and that nothing is what it seems. It seems that there’s another evil after Harper, she hears Crow wings flapping, is seeing new strange people in town and she really wants to have a future with Jackson. She also wants a future with her friends on the cheer leading squad, the only place she’s ever belonged. She likes her power, but doesn’t want to enslave the Shadow Demon. I like the characters I don’t really feel indifferent towards anyone, I either despise them or love them. There are some good twists and the darn story leaves you on the edge…but you have to wait. Good writing, good story, looking forward to the last one.


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