The Incredibles: Truth and Concequences

The Incredibles: Truth and Consequences by Landry Walker, Illustrated by Marcio Takara (Paperback Edition) – Read October 2, 2011

Cost: $9.99 (list price there aren’t any available on we got ours at Frys Electronics)

Cover: The Incredibles running from a Giant Incredible robot, and Ungorrila…it’s a little misleading, Jack Jack isn’t in the story, but it’s the Incredibles and our house loves them no matter what.

Product Description: (From The Parr family is no stranger to secrets…they hide their identity from the people around them every day…but the secrets they keep from each other may tear the family apart. Secrets the Underminer is all too aware of…and willing to reveal!

My Take: This is a cute graphic novel for kids, it’s for grades 3 & up, however my son is in 1st grade and got through it just fine, it’s a good story and we love the Incredibles. The art is fun the stories always have some kind of lesson in them and it sets up for the next novel. We got this primarily for my son and I read it with him it’s got something for everyone, action, mystery, adventure and superheros. It’s Cute and I’m glad we picked this up.


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