Busy Weekend – A Hodge-Podge of Nonsense

So this weekend I was busy and bored all at the same time. We celebrated my husbands birthday and I rearranged our office, by myself, to accommodate my husbands new desk. I removed every book from our bookshelves, which wound up filling the majority of the living room and moved our huge L-Shaped Desk and both bookshelves. Which doesn’t sound like much but it was hard work, one of those bookshelves is solid wood! That was most of my Saturday actually, moving furniture, Sunday my legs and arms were sore. I still need to clean off the top of our filing cabinet to fit our printer.

I hardly got any reading done this weekend, and I’m going pretty slow this week, so far. I have a mid-term this week so I’ll be studying for that. I’m too old for these exams, and as exciting as the digestive system is…I’d rather read a good book or play some video games! I will probably be missing a lot after November 11, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out and I’ve so been looking forward to it.

So, on the upside I got a few new things this weekend. My husband surprised me with The Lion King on Blu-Ray, I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet, but we may do that tonight during Family Time. I don’t think my son has seen it. I did own it on VHS, but we got rid of our players years ago, and I finally donated all my VHS tapes this past year. So yeah for the new Blu-Ray. We also got Fast Five this weekend, but that was ‘for my husband’.

My big excitement was FINALLY getting a new smart phone. I’ve had the Motorola Backflip since it came out, and it was the first Android phone for AT&T. I really did like it a lot, it was my first smart phone, and I had the Unlimited Data Plan, which shortly went away after I upgraded. Once I got 2.1 (it came with 1.5 OS) I was able to use a Kindle app and I started reading like crazy. However, lately it has had issues, I could barely hear calls, the phone was lagging and it was just getting frustrating, and the screen was tiny. So this weekend I got the LG Thrill which is the first ever 3D phone, as far as I know. It. Is. Awesome! The 3D is trippy sometimes but I don’t use it that much. It feels massive in comparison to my old phone and it’s so much thinner. It’s faster and not glitchy. I’m in love! Plus the speaker is pretty loud so I can play music and not need headphones. I’m so happy with my choice, I wouldn’t have minded the Galaxy S-2 but I don’t want to pay $200 for a phone. Also we have not had great luck with Samsung, and we love Motorola and LG, they have treated us well.

OK, off to study for my mid-term, I’m going to try to finish Fractured tonight if I have time. Have a wonderful week guys!


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