New Pan

A few weeks ago I was shopping and I found this cute Iridescent Jack-O-Lantern Pan. I of course had to have it. So my husband bought if for me, and it just sat in the pantry for a while until this week I decided to make a cake for my husbands work. I didn’t have tons of time so I made buttercream icing Monday evening, the cake on Wednesday evening then decorated it Thursday evening. So it was  a week long adventure. I stuck the cake in the fridge and it was still very moist when I cut off the bottom to make it level.

I was very distracted on Thursday so I forgot to take a picture of it decorated, but I so love my pan. I just used the pattern on and it pretty much looked like that EXCEPT… I used big old chocolate chips (Flat side up) as pupils and brown and green sprinkles for the stem.

For the cake, it was just plain old chocolate cake. It is actually enough for 2 chocolate cakes because this pan is pretty big.

So if you want the recipe I used for the frosting I just used the same as the Mint Chocolate Cupcakes, minus the peppermint and I used orange and yellow coloring. I thinned out the frosting to spread on the cake (for orange) and used a thicker version for the yellow eyes….I didn’t do a nose…:(

Here is the cake without frosting out of the pan!

Happy fall and happy baking, my next cake will involve eyeballs!


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