A Very She & Him Christmas

A Very She & Him Christmas – Digital Version

Cost: $5.00 (as of this post)

OK, I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet and here I am buying Christmas music, but I couldn’t resist. I don’t usually buy Christmas music anyway, I do own a Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD (because they rock) and some Alvin & the Chipmunks tunes but really I just pop on the radio and listen there. I happen to own all of the (there are two) She & Him albums. I first heard them on our NPR Music station and really liked the unique sound. I can’t listen to them all of the time but this Christmas album is PERFECT. It features Zooey Deschanel and her unique folksy vocal style and it has a lot more of M. Ward in this.

Alright first I really like the version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” they have reversed the rolls and it just fun that way. My favorites inclue: “Sleigh Ride”, “The Christmas Song”, and “Silver Bells”.

My least favorite is “Christmas Day” however it is the song that seems to get stuck in my head. It’s the most poppy and catchy song on the album.

Most of this album is just pure talent to special “auto tune” junk that’s popular or heavy instrumentals it’s just Zooey and M. Ward making music and having fun. I think this album is worth buying and can be played for years to come!


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