Thanks for Killing Me

Thanks For Killing Me by Bill Barol (Kindle Edition) – Read November 21, 2011

Cost: $2.99 (as of this post)

Official Product Description: Meet Ray Finney, a charming but dim con man, and Shelly Muzzo, the ex-LAPD detective who looks after him. The partners have a good thing going with a fake murder-for-hire scam, and the future looks bright… until they try to con Robin Tandy. Robin isn’t about to be conned. She has other plans, like finding an escape from her deadening marriage to a wealthy investor. That’s when the tables turn. Then they turn again. Before the three know what’s happening they find themselves fleeing for their lives in a 40-foot, $500,000 motor coach, accompanied by the con men’s previous victims and a yellow Lab named Laz, and pursued toward the bright lights of Las Vegas by a remorseless ex-Marine who works as a fixer for Robin’s husband.

My Take: So, I found this book interesting, it is a bit slow and a bit predictable but it’s an interesting premise. Ray and Shelly are con men that are hired to kill people for a large sum of money. Instead of killing the person they usually ask for more money then relocate the victim and give them new identities, which is the plan for Robin. Robin however has her own plans and sets the coming events in motion. The story is an unfolding of events as things seem to spiral out of control. I did like the story, the writing is well done, but it’s not one I’d want to read again. The story was light in nature with humor mixed in, however a lot of the story was not in the present, we learn about each of the characters so the tension of escape or running is slightly lessened. Still it is worth a read.


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