Succubus Shadows

Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead (Kindle Edition) – Read November 24, 2011

Cost: $7.38 (as of this post)

Official Product Summary: (This is the 5th book in the Georgina Kincaid series) – Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals–all child’s play to a succubus like her. Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend’s wedding is a different story. Georgina isn’t sure which is worse–that Seth is marrying another woman, or that Georgina has to run all over Seattle trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Georgina’s roommate, Roman, is cluttering her apartment with sexual tension. Then there’s Simone, the new succubus in town, whose intent on corrupting Seth. But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that’s visiting her thoughts, trying to draw her into a dark, otherworldly realm. Sooner or later, Georgina knows she’ll be too weak to resist. And when that happens, she’ll discover who she can trust, who she can’t–and that Hell is far from the worst place to spend eternity. . .

My Take: When I started reading this series I thought it was merely ‘ok’. 5 books in and I am liking it more and more, except that everything seems to be on repeat mode in Georgina’s life. Though that is something that is addressed in this book. Everything is coming to fruition and pieces are starting to come together as this series comes to a conclusion (there’s one more left after this one). I am still not a big fan of Seth, he’s kind of too goody-goody and a little pure, but we get to see into Georgina’s past in this book and see a pattern emerging in her love life. I like that Roman is back, I really like Roman and hope things work out with him in some pretty tie a bow in it kind of way. Carter is still a mystery and I have my suspicions about him but I’ll wait until I read the final book before I vocalize them, because they may be wrong. I do like Ms. Meads writing style, though I still am liking her Dark Swan series better than this one, her writing and character development is so similar in both of the series though. I can’t wait to see how Georgina’s story concludes, I am still eager and reluctant to see this series end.

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