Burn by Addison Moore (Kindle Edition) – Read November 26, 2011

Cost: $3.99 (as of this post)

Official Product Description: (This is book #3 in the Celestra series) – Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is having difficulties with the living and the dead. With Chloe’s diary in her hands, Skyla embarks into the mind of one of Paragon’s most twisted former residents. After accidentally kick-starting the faction war, Skyla finds herself in more danger than ever before. So, when Marshall offers her a taste of the gift of knowing, Skyla attempts to use it to alter the outcome of future prophecies. And now that Skyla’s love life seems to involve one boy too many, she must choose who to be with. If she waits too long, the decision just might be made for her.

My Take: Ok, to start with, I LOVE this series so far, but it actually took me a while to get back into the series when I first started reading it. However, once I did get back into it I couldn’t put this down. I really like the world that Addison Moore has created with Skyla and crew. You get into this and you’re kind of questioning everyone. Except Gage he seems to be constantly perfect, if only Skyla could see that. The writing is really awesome the characters are well done and OMG that ending, that was mean…talk about several sucker punches leading to a cliffhanger. I am glad the next book is already out because it would be torture to have to wait to read what happens next. Though I must say everything with Chloe was way obvious before we start reading her diary. Anyway great addition to the series look forward to reading more.

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