Hunger (Part 1) – Blood Secrets

Hunger (Blood Secrets)  by Karen E. Taylor (Kindle Edition) – Read January 6, 2012

Cost: $9.19 (As of This Post)

Official Description: (This book contains the first 2 books of the Vampire Legacy series, this review and description are for the first book Blood Secrets ) – This first installment of Taylor’s chilling vampire series introduces readers to Deirdre Griffin, a sophisticated New York City vampiress determined to find the ruthless vampire who is framing her for his crimes.

My Take: I am breaking up this review into two parts, because a) this book does contain 2 books that were originally printed seperatly and b) I have a few books in my reading queue that I need to knock out. 🙂 ! I will comeback to this one really soon. Anyway, Blood Secrets was interesting, it was originally published in January of 1994, and the cover was so cheesy it hurts. Needless to say this omnibus version is 10x better! This series actually spanned 10 years (the last book published in 2004) and has 7 books (as far as I know that’s all there will be, but who knows).

I liked this book, but was disappointed that there were so many typos in the Kindle edition. Other than that it was fairly entertaining, the book revolved around Deirdre who has lived over 100 years as a vampire, but she didn’t really have help in learning who she was, she was alone and her turning was not done on purpose. She has lived her life never meeting another vampire and trying to live ‘normal’ human lives, she takes pride in never killing anyone in all of her years as well. She is a little naive about herself and in this book we get to see her grow as a person and learn about her past through flashbacks and dreams. Now there’s all of a sudden a few murders that can all be linked to Deirdre and it appears that they were killed by a vampire. So Deirdre wants to hunt them down. The writing is solid, but there are the vampire cliches that are in every novel. I found it to be entertaining and the ‘who-don-it’ part of the book was pretty cool, you figure it out before they spell it out for you, but it does take a while. Though I haven’t read the other book in this set I have a feeling it too will be enjoyable.

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