Angel Burn

Angel Burn  by L.A. Weatherly (Kindle Edition) – Read January 25, 2012

Cost: $7.19 (As of This Post)

Official Book Trailer: (This is Book 1 of the Angel Series)

My Take: In this young adult series we meet Willow who is psychic and her mom is out of it and her world is a little different from everyone else’s and she’s ok with that. Then enter Alex, he’s an Angel Killer, why kill angels? Well in this story they are the bad guys, they make people think they’re pretty awesome, as they slowly kill them. Fun times, this story has a great premise, but it does fall a little flat, Willow and Alex make lots of googly eyes at one another and think how hot they are and there is a lot of self-pity going on. But hey they’re teens right? Any way, the writing is pretty good and the premise is pretty cool, the love story aspect is dragged out and redundant and then it gets silly and predictable. If the lovey stuff was edited down a bit the story would have been a lot better. I DO love the idea of the Church of Angels and having angels as the antagonists of the story, and I liked the twists (that you totally see coming) at the end. The book is worth getting and enjoyable but I’m hoping book #2 is a little better.

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