Torment by Lauren Kate (Kindle Edition) – Read January 31, 2012

Cost: $9.99 (As of This Post)

Official Trailer: (This is book 2 of the Fallen series)

My Take: I love the cover on all of the Fallen Series of books, they are really pretty and even though I know I’m not going to enjoy the books, the covers just make me a little hopeful that they’ll be better than the last. Did I like Torment? No not really, the writing is SO boring the characters are redundant and dull and the story is dragged out and totally predictable. It’s a young adult book, so I am not the target audience, but I like reading YA if the books are written well, so the target audience line is already null and void. I found myself, during the story, wondering about Cam more than any other character because he was more intriguing than Luce or Daniel. Also the story just didn’t fill out very well, Daniel is supposed to be off fighting the great war or something and yet every 5 seconds he’s back sulking at Luce, and Luce is all over Miles (who is a better love interest than Daniel). I guess this story was better than Fallen, but it was brutal to get through. I get that this series has a grand following and Disney optioned the movie rights, I have a feeling that the movies will be better than the books. I will pick up the next book, begrudgingly, because I hate to give up on a series, so let’s hope that Ms. Kate’s writing improves with Passion.

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