Released  by Megan Duncan (Paperback) – Read March 8, 2012

Cost: $9.90(paperback) $0.99 (Kindle)  (As of This Post)

Official Trailer: (This is book 1 of the Agents of Evil series)


My Take:  I loved this book, and I couldn’t put it down. It was pretty much non stop during the whole book. This dystopian novel has a very slight Hollowland feel to it, but Hollowland was about zombies and the end of the world. This book was about demons and the end of the world. Which is unique. A lot of demon books humanize them, this took demons to their scary, biblically apocalyptic, face value, they are evil and are here to wreak havoc, death and destruction on humanity. Those suckers are scary and that’s what our heroine (Abby) and her older brother (Carter) and his best friend (Max) are running from and plan on leaving their home to join the resistance and seek safety. Their journey is epic and dangerous and OH SO GOOD! I loved this story LOVED, LOVED, LOVED. It was fairly well written, with some typos thrown in, but so well written the typos didn’t bother me. The story took me about 2 (cumulative) hours to go through and this is a 260 page book. Really it’s not that long, and it’s so captivating you don’t even realize that time has passed. I was enthralled in this story.

Ok, is this book for your younger kids, uh, no. There is killing, blood, and some f-bombs thrown in but it’s definitely a young adult book. Almost all of our characters are between 13-18 with some adults thrown in here and there. This book is about the apocalypse via demons, so if your child scares easy, or you scare easy, then you might want to steer clear, otherwise delve in and enjoy.

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