Happy First Day of Spring

So I did some baking last week in honor of spring break. Unfortunately I took pictures with my phone in not so great lighting so the pictures are not great. Fear not! I’m still going to post them. 🙂 I am trying to get rid of sprinkles and some excess cake decorating things, Like the millions of lolly pop sticks I have accumulated. I also have a giant Tupperware full of sprinkles. Ok it’s not giant it’s a medium Tupperware, but I have so many that I can’t put them all away. I got the idea from Michael’s and these are flower flyer cupcakes. They are cute and easy to make, plus you can make these anytime. I wish the pictures turned out better because they looked SOO much better than the pictures made them look. Oh well, live and learn.

Well, first off I used some clear vanilla flavoring and a drop of green food coloring to ‘paint’ the lollypop sticks. The vanilla drys really quickly, but this seemed to be the most tedious task, that and the lady bugs. I am sure you can use colored water as well, but it may take a little longer to dry. Then I made the fondant (I make marshmallow fondant which is at the bottom of the linked post) and colored a small section yellow and a small section of green, then red and pink. I must say I have found a red food coloring that works 10 times better than any other and it takes a lot less to make it happen. It’s called Americolor Soft Gel food coloring and it’s just awesome. The black is great too. I have only found it at Hobby Lobby locally, but they sell it online too, I recently bought the big one because I use a lot of red, but they have a mini as well.

Anyway, I have happened to have all of the cutouts for the flower and leaves, so that was handy! I used the smallest of each size then with a paint brush I used water and ‘glued’ the sticks to the flower and leaves and let them dry overnight.

After the flowers and leaves dried to the sticks I flipped over the flowers, took my paint brush and painted the water of the front of each flower and covered them with the pink sugar sprinkles and added the yellow dot of fondant in the center of each flower. After they dried I dusted off any sprinkles that happened to get onto the ‘pollen’ or leaves.


Then the fun part of the lady bugs. Wow, that was another slightly tedious task, but It was cool to see them take shape. I just made little ovals of the red fondant then took an edible ink marker and colored on a head and drew lines down the center with dots on either side. I actually didn’t count how many I made I just made a bunch, let them dry and scooped them into a cupcake liner.


I made green buttercream frosting for the cupcakes, and I actually started out with the grass tip, but I didn’t like it. So I moved on to a #20 tip and just played around. I think it turned out well, and they were receive well too.  I did change what I made the leaf with ( the Michael’s website says to use the spearmint gumdrops). I don’t know if you all have ever tried to cut and mold gumdrops, or gumdrop like candy, but it’s a pain, and they are heavy and don’t like to stick onto the lolly sticks, plus they are sticky and messy, so I just didn’t even bother.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my experiment and Happy Spring and Happy Baking!


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