The Queen’s Dollmaker

The Queen’s Dollmaker by Christine Trent (Kindle Edition) – Read March 12, 2012

Cost: 8.69

Official Description:

On the brink of revolution, with a tide of hate turned against the decadent royal court, France is in turmoil – as is the life of one young woman forced to leave her beloved Paris. After a fire destroys her home and family, Claudette Laurent is struggling to survive in London. But one precious gift remains: her talent for creating exquisite dolls that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France herself, cherishes. When the Queen requests a meeting, Claudette seizes the opportunity to promote her business, and to return home…Amid the violence and unrest, Claudette befriends the Queen, who bears no resemblance to the figurehead rapidly becoming the scapegoat of the Revolution. But when Claudette herself is lured into a web of deadly political intrigue, it becomes clear that friendship with France’s most despised woman has grim consequences. Now, overshadowed by the spectre of Madame Guillotine, the Queen’s dollmaker will face the ultimate test.

My Take: Lately I have been reading books that our outside of my ‘usual genre’ of reading. I have been really into Urban Fantasy and Paranormal stuff lately, so reading this book may seem strange to some. Honestly, go through genre phases. I used to read Historical fiction all of the time and this is where The Queen’s Dollmaker fits.

In this story we follow Claudette Laurent who loses everything in a fire and has to start her life over, we see her struggle to come into her own in a time where it was uncommon for women to be successful in business and are looked down upon by most people. We also follow the story of Marie Antoinette, a story that blends fact with fiction. This is an interesting book, and though there are parts that are enjoyable, I found a large part of it slow and dull. It was cool how we kind of see Marie Antoinette trying to live a ‘modest’ life while everyone looks down upon her and she’s pretty oblivious, and we know how her life goes. However, these cut ins tend to take away from the focal point of the story which is Claudette. Yes there lives cross paths and what not but it was not necessary to the story. I don’t know, I just didn’t find this story interesting enough to pick up the next one, it was predictable and some of it was stretched, but the story did captivate me enough to finish the book.  If you like historical fiction or regency romance types books then you may like this one, if not I would skip over it.

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