Exceptional by Jess Petosa (Kindle Edition) – Read April 13, 2012

Cost: $2.99 (As of This Post)

Official Description: (This is book 1 of the Exceptional series)

“In the future, things are anything but ordinary…”
In 2022, the United States commissioned a group of scientists to experiment with genetic mutations. Their goal was to create a serum that would alter the human genetic code, making the subject stronger and faster. They succeeded but their victory was short lived. Not only had they created a super serum, but also an airborne virus. By 2025, seventy-five percent of the world’s population had perished. The survivors, well their lives would never be the same.
175 A.V.
Ally is an Ordinary; a human immune to the virus. She lives in a settlement outside the City with her mother and twin brother, but lately it doesn’t seem to be enough. She is wrestling between being with her family and volunteering to move to the City, where she can work for the Exceptionals.
Luke is an Exceptional; a superior human being. His ancestors were infected with the virus and lived through it, leaving their super human strength and special abilities to him. He has never given much thought to Ordinarys, despite pressure from his father to choose one from the ORC. But all of that changes when he meets Ally..

My Take:

So this is a dystopian novel, several generations after a world-wide virus took place and either wiped out or made awesome the world’s population with a minor few people who were immune to this virus. The kids have adapted to this world and it’s pretty much life to normal, but it’s still different and they carry on stories from the past. Ally is an ordinary who wants to live a ‘better’ life in the City but none of the ordinaries know anything about the city or what to expect because no one ever comes out. So most people expect that it’s so amazing that no one wants to come back. Luke is an Exceptional who is not really allowed to live his own life he’s oppressed by his father and then life begins to spiral out of control for Ally and Luke. I liked most of this story, I didn’t see most of it coming and the characters and this world is pretty interesting. I like Ally (mostly) but she seems so . . . set on being stubborn and independent that it gets her in trouble more often than not, but she NEVER learns from anything. No one really is what they seem to be, and that’s what’s so great. The ending was shocking and it makes me mad that the next book isn’t already out 😦 This is an interesting concept for a ‘end of the world’ event and this was a fairly entertaining book.

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