Blood of Eden

Blood of Eden by Tami Dane (Kindle Edition) – Read  May 1, 2012

Cost: $5.24 (As of This Post)

Official Description: (This is book 1 of the Sloan Skye series)

This mind-blowing new series introduces Sloan Skye, an ambitious intern at the FBI’s paranormal unit, where the usual rules of crime fighting don’t apply. . .

Sloan has a sky-high IQ, a chaotic personal life, and a dream: to work for the FBI. Her goal is within reach until an error lands her with the FBI’s ugly stepchild: the new Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. She’ll get to profile criminals, but the pool of suspects is a little more. . .diverse. Yet even as Sloan tackles her first case–a string of victims, all with puncture wounds to the neck–she can’t silence her inner para-skeptic.

To catch the killer she’ll have to think like one. That means casting aside her doubts, and dealing with bizarre nightmares that started with the job. But the strangeness is only beginning, as Sloan pieces together the shocking truth about a case that’s more personal than she ever would have guessed.

My Take:

I’m not 100% sure what I think of the novel yet, but maybe by the time I finish writing this I’ll have a little more figured out.

Blood of Eden is the first book in a new series and it’s different from a lot of paranormal/urban fantasy books that I’ve read, because there is some new lore going on here. The story revolves around Sloan Skye who just got an internship at the FBI in a new paranormal unit, the PBAU, but the problem is Sloan isn’t a believer in the paranormal. I guess she’s the Scully of the book, anytime anyone mentions vampires she is skeptical, but weird things just keep happening.

I think this book kind of goes the way of the Vampire for Hire series by J.R. Rain, in the sense that the story revolves around the ‘who done it’ aspect but there are paranormal chunks thrown in and ultimately the paranormal is very important but not overwhelming. I think that the story is pretty good, and not overly predictable. However, there is just so much going on. There are stories behind every door, and they are important but not necessarily related to one another. So there’s not really a dull moment, and your brain just keeps trying to connect everything. I am also not sure what to think of Sloan love interest(s), but the next book is coming out soon, and I am eager to pick it up to see how Sloan will handle the rest of her summer.

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