by Addison Moore
Kindle Edition – Read  June 1, 2012

Cost: $3.99 (As of This Post)

Length: 445 pages

Official Description: (This is book 6 of the Celestra series)

A death.
A war.
An old enemy.
A new enemy.
A well-placed boyfriend.
An ending you won’t believe.

Seventeen year-old Skyla Messenger discovers love is stronger than death and deception. In an effort to rectify those horrible truths Skyla’s life changes forever. Love and heartbreak become obstacles that overshadow the faction war and in the end may cost her everything.

My Take:

Book 6…BOOK 6 of the Celestra series was released back in March and I finally got to it, with much trepidation I might add. I read on Ms. Moore’s site that she’s planning another 2 books in this series and she’s about to release a new book series. Anyway I am hoping that Book 7 & 8 tie a pretty bow on things because Expel just leaves us with more questions and the ending just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Oh, but how I love this series, even with the frustrations and longings for Skyla to just choose a damn man already, geez, get those hormones under check. Though admittedly she does control her self a bit better in this book. Also with the time that has passed in Skyla’s world you’d think she’d have better judgement. Though it may have been a mere few months, with all that time traveling you’d think that she’ learn and glean a little common sense. Honestly, I never would want to be living out Skyla’s life. Fems freak me out, though less so than in the first few books, I am getting quite used to them. The writing is pretty good, as per usual, but the story really feels like it is just going on too long, and it’s going on without really moving forward. I still enjoyed Expel (the longest book of the series so far), but I’m ready to move on to something new and great. I still will watch the TV show, if it gets picked up, but I’m honestly ready for the conclusion.


“They say time heals all wounds. They lied.”

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