Savage Bond

Savage Bond

by Anne Marsh
Kindle Edition – Read  August 4, 2012

Cost: $3.99 (As of This Post)

Length: 109 pages

Official Description(This is book 3 of the Fallen series)

As a former Dominion warrior and Fallen angel, Vkhin knows how to fight. How to track his prey. And when to deal out death with brutal efficiency. Redemption isn’t part of his plans—until he finds himself chasing Ria Morgan through a wasteland. Now, he’s hunting for the woman who could restore both his lost wings—and his soul.

Ria Morgan was just doing her job, shooting recon photos of a secret Fallen prison. When her chopper goes down, however, she figures her days are numbered. Until the dark angel hunting her offers her a temptingly seductive deal: bond with him and he’ll keep her safe. Safety’s tempting—but Vkhin is even more so. Now, Ria must choose between long-held loyalties and the wickedly sensual pleasure of Vkhin’s touch.

My Take:

So, I read the book that comes before this one a few weeks ago, and though it was full of clichés and was very similar to other series, at least it had a little more substance, a little more character development and a bit more plot. I was so disappointing in Vkhin’s story because Vkhin seems like he could have been such a bad ass character. Instead he’s just another ‘bad boy’ fallen angel with a hard on for an obvious soul mate. There really wasn’t much to this novella it all led up to the sex scene at the end, which was also so disappointing, I mean at least Zer and Neesa had some get to know you time and had time to develop feelings. This story took place in the course of 24 hours, probably less and here they are doing the deed so Vkhin can get some wings and save the day, I mean that’s what this series is about right? The redemption of these fallen angels, we don’t even get a decent back story for the characters, I don’t know maybe I’m just expecting too much, maybe I was hoping it would follow the course of its predecessor but, ultimitaley this was just a quick let down.

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