by Katherine Irons
Kindle Edition – Read  August 7, 2012

Cost: $8.59 (As of This Post)

Length: 369 pages

Official Description:

Take Me Away

Shrouded in mist, the hidden shoreline near her family’s Maine estate is a place of refuge for Claire Bishop. There, she can forget the physical limitations imposed by a tragic accident and escape judgmental eyes. Yet someone is watching from the depths of the sea, a being who senses her inner despair and is drawn to help her. Prince Morgan, risen from the waves and as perfect a man Claire has ever laid eyes on. She is sure she has dreamed him into existence–Morgan’s masculine beauty and sensual tenderness cannot be real. Then the dream overtakes reality. . .

With Morgan at her side, Claire is suddenly freed, swimming with him to a lost paradise, a fantastic underwater world with a sunken stone city at its heart. Soon the lovers find that their union has aroused the wrath of his warring clan–but Claire would rather die than return to her crippling life on earth, and Morgan will not live without the woman he adores…

My Take:

On Amazon this book has a super high rating & on Goodreads…not so much, the reviews there are much broader and this seems to be a solid middle of the line book. I thought that the premise of this story sounded really interesting I haven’t read many seapeople or mermaidesque creature books so I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Oh my goodness, the first 40% of the book DRAGGED, it was slow and repetitive and all over the place. I think this entire book had a minimum of seven different points of view. SEVEN when you have that many POV’s the story tends to fall apart, it loses momentum. I think if you cut out a lot of the side plots this story would have been fantastic. I didn’t really feel too strongly for our main characters, but the author did a great job making you loathe the bad guys. I mean there were points that I just wanted to reach out and slap some people, grrr. Also, I wasn’t sure what Atlanteans were until the end, there were mentions of mermaids, but they aren’t mermaids because they have feet with very thin webbing between the toes and they have scales. I don’t know I think that parts of the book were really well thought out and other parts were just thrown into the mix. I think that towards the end maybe after 70% of the story there were some good action scenes that really drove the story into a great pace….and by the end I was happy… but man getting through that first part was incredibly difficult. Maybe the next book in the series is better paced and has less side character involvement, though the ratings for the following to books are about the same as this one…so who knows.


“No matter how bad things get, you can always find somebody worse off. You’ve got to be happy with what you do have.”

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