Finding Magic

by Stacia Kane
Kindle Edition – Read  August 20, 2012

Cost: $0.99 (As of This Post)

Length: 120 pages

Official Description:(This is book 0.5 of the Downside Ghosts series)

When eighteen-year-old Chess Putnam is offered the chance to train with a special team of investigators known as the Black Squad, she feels torn. She’s never been a team player and hates how one male Inquisitor condescends to “the new kid.” But at her first bloody crime scene, she gets a taste for investigation—and is hooked on the high. Though the seasoned Inquisitors consider the series of ghost murders random events, Chess starts to detect a pattern. Is a psycho killer summoning ghosts from the City of Eternity and using them as murder weapons? As Chess gets closer to the dark truth, she puts herself in grave danger and risks losing everything she’s fought so hard for.

My Take:

I have not read any of the Downside Ghosts books, I bought the first one and saw that this one came first, SO I decided to read this first. Saying that, I was pretty lost at first, I still don’t know a lot of what happened but I also understand that this occurs before the rest of the series and gives insight to the main character, who is apparently all kinds of messed up. So not having any knowledge of what is to come, this little novella was pretty entertaining, I liked the writing style which gives a good indication that this series will be pretty rockin’. I liked Chess, she is a perfectly messed up lady and I have a feeling that I should go back and re-read this once I get to know the series. So, I think that I would say that if you haven’t read the other books then you should skip this until you’ve gotten a few books in and then read this. All and all it was good and I’m ready to start this series, finally.

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