Young Avengers

by Allan Heinberg, Jem Cheung
Hardcover Edition – Read September 12, 2012

Cost: N/A

Length: 352 pages

Official Description:

In Sidekicks, in the wake of Avengers Disassembled, a mysterious new group of teen super heroes appears. But who are they? Where did they come from? And what right do they have to call themselves the Young Avengers? And in Family Matters, the newly reconfigured Young Avengers prepare to make their public debut – but first they have to face a threat more powerful than Kang the Conqueror, more dangerous than Mr. Hyde and more cunning than the Masters of Evil: their parents. For these brand-new super heroes, fighting super villains is child’s play compared to maintaining their alter egos Plus: The Young Avengers meet a familiar-looking teenage super human who just may be key to their uncovering the truth about Wiccan’s parentage and secret origin. Meanwhile, Hulkling’s quest to discover the exact nature of his tie to the Avengers is interrupted when the Young Avengers finds themselves at war with one of the oldest and most powerful alien races in the Marvel Universe. And finally, discover the secret history of the Young Avengers when Jessica Jones and Kat Farrell investigate the kids’ origins for a special issue of The Pulse. Who were they and what were their lives like before they met Iron Lad? And what is the future of the team without him?

Collecting Young Avengers #1-12 and Young Avengers Special.

My Take:

One must remember while reading my opinion, which in the scheme of things is of no consequence, that I am fairly new to the comic world. I read this book with my son who has increasingly become interested in the world of comic books and has read a handful of X-Men comics in the past and a couple other super hero ones. My son loves the Avengers, loves heroes, loves action and adventure and love reading. So I found this collection of comics and had to get it for him to read, and of course I read it with him. The stories were great, I loved the idea of these kids coming together in their most down trodden time to become heroes and this group of kids became a sort of family. I actually didn’t like Captain America in this story though, what little he was in it, he was just a Debbie Downer. The art was great, it was not my favorite, and it didn’t seem to come all the way together in some section, but overall it was pretty fantastic. I wish there was a continuation of this story line, maybe there is and I don’t know about it (which would not surprise me). Anyway I thought it was a great introduction of comics for my young one and it was very entertaining.


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