Halloween Eve

by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare
Paperback Edition – Read October 14, 2012

Cost: N/A

Length: 40 pages

Official Description:

Eve has an imagination that’s more than active – it can be downright dangerous! Working late at the costume super-store Halloween Land, she gets lost in her own thoughts until something goes bump in the night. The rubber masks and plastic novelties are coming to life, and Eve must face ghosts, goblins, and gorilla suits made real. High fantasy and heartbreak in an oversized holiday one-shot by BRANDON MONTCLARE (Fear Itself: Fearsome Four) and Eisner Award nominee Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Madame Xanadu).

My Take:

Yeah for Kickstarter projects being successful! When this arrived in the mail (yes I did support it on Kickstarter) I felt like I had already read it because the creators had been keeping their fans updated as this project progressed. It was pretty cool to read about. Of course they didn’t give away the story in this stand alone comic but still it was cool to see a part of the process. The art work itself was just beautiful! I loved the coloring the characters, it just turned out remarkably! The story line was short and sweet a little rushed but it was still fun to follow Eve around. I think this is worth a read for you comic fans, that is if you can find a copy. I’m glad that the Kickstarter community helped make this come to light, it was a fun journey.


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