Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 1



I have never seen an elf on the shelf before. Honestly, never heard of them. Then I happened to be on Pinterest and they are everywhere and I thought….wow, that looks cool. I bet we could do that and my son is still at an age where he’d really enjoy it. I don’t know if he’ll enjoy it yet since we decided to wrap the package and have Santa deliver it with a note that says, “Open December 1st. – From Santa”.

So, this has been under our tree since our tree went up on black Friday. First thing this morning I get woken up, at the crack of dawn, “it’s December 1st I can open this now right!!!” Ug, “No you’re dad’s at work, we have to wait until later.” Sad face.

Dinner passes, the room is clean and showers have been had and finally, FINALLY he gets to open it. He was expecting legos, but he was ready to tear into the box. Oh no you can’t open the box, you have to read the book. Ok, Ok we read the book and he STILL wants to touch it, but finally he understands that his elf, which he has named “Snap” does not want to be touched. So there is Day One of our first visit from Snap!705329_10200118525909933_1724360997_o


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