Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 2



Day two has arrived and Addison jumped out of bed as soon has he could (which is a feet since he has a loft bed 6 feet in the air), in search of dear old Snap, wondering what this whole Elf business is and if it’s for real.

Oh, Snap where could you be? Of course the first thing he saw was the box, miraculously empty (and I do apologize for these grainy cell phone pictures) and he looked for about 15 minutes and was about to give up when…. he spotted him atop the tree.

“Oh silly Snap, how did he ever get all the way up there? Mom it’s high up, how high is the top of the tree? Only 7 1/2 feet, did he climb did he appear, did he really tell Santa about me? I tried asking him to come down but he won’t.”

Day two is coming to a close, and Addison is already trying to figure out where Snap will be tomorrow. I know he’ll be causing some mischief, but I haven’t decided when that will occur. So far this is fun, but we have a ways to go.



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