Elf on the Shelf 2012 – Day 4

Day 4

Oh my child said a bad word yesterday, it was shocking and out of character, but he was very remorseful about it. Fortunately that gave me an excuse for Snap to cause mischief, granted a little vandalism, nothing big, but I do have to clean it up later.

Addison woke up this morning and did do a brief glance but he went into the bathroom to do his business and lo and behold there was Snap, hanging out. You can’t tell by the picture, but there is a poorly drawn Christmas tree under the word “ELVES RULE” and under the tree it says, “Don’t say bad words” then “Snap Rocks!” “woo!” and “Santa’s cool!” I am not the best at coming up with cool things to write on mirrors, but Addison did get the point that Snap heard his bad word yesterday.

It was cute, now I have to think of something less messy for tomorrow.


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