Merry Christmas

Today a lot of children are waking up to see that Santa has left them some special treats, their stockings are filled and they finally get to open those presents that have been tempting them that are just sitting under the tree. Their elves  have gone back to be with Santa and there are family visits with traditional dinners, laughter and frustrated parents putting those presents together, (really there are some small pieces to those toys).

The best present of all (besides the birth of Jesus) this year and every year is my family. In light of the tragedy that happened a few weeks ago, maybe I’m realizing or appreciating them more than before. We are so commercial, children think a good Christmas involves tons of presents, getting everything on their lists, but there are so many, many children who have less and are happy. It’s not about presents, yes they are nice, and it’s fun to see the delight on a child’s  face when the rip into a package, but this year try to step back and just look around see the people who are with you and be oh so grateful they are there. I am blessed to have a son who is so full of life and energy (sometimes way too much energy) who is happy and wants the people around him to be happy. I am thankful for my husband who works hard for this family and both of these guys are healthy and happy and living and that is a wonderful thing.

Be grateful for your friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters, parents, children and your pets because we are not guaranteed to make it past the day, life can be instantly taken away from us love the ones around you, hug them, cry with them, smile with them. Make memories, know that tomorrow might not come and be joyous when it does.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time you have with your families.


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