The Bobbies of Bailiwick

by Christopher Blankley, author & Kelly McClellan (illustrator)
Paperback Edition – Read January 5, 2013

Cost: $9.95 (As of this Post)

Length: 292 pages

Official Description:

Welcome to the Bailiwick, young Constable – a world like no other. Here, a vast city clings to the inside surface of a sphere and a tumultuous ocean is the only sky. Are you ready to join your fellow Bobbies? There’s Jack, the boy with a sixth sense for machines; Red Ruby, the fiery pirate princess from the golden age of sail; and LOF-t, the sixty-sixth century cyborg. Together with Murray, the hyper-intelligent lemur, you are the new generation of Constables; sworn to protect the topsy-turvy world from the ever encroaching shadows of the evil Zed. Even as we speak, they drill through the crust of the Bailiwick, down towards the city within… So, climb aboard your sky cycle, young Constable, and fly! There’s not a moment to lose! Bobbies of Bailiwick is a Steampunk Adventure Fantasy for middle readers (8 to 12), filled with Dyson’s Spheres, pirates, cyborgs, lemurs, giant robots and steam-powered sky cycles.

My Take:

So this is another book I did get for free, so thank you.

I have to remember that this book is for kids, this is a kids book…a middle grade book I believe, but for the younger in that age group. This book is full of action adventure some suspense and it introduces the younger generation to a steampunk like atmosphere. From time to time the tone of the book changes a little and it starts using more adult language or descriptors, by adult I don’t mean swear words or anything just larger words  that can be slightly complicated for younger readers. My 7-year-old found the action scenes intriguing and thought that the abduction part was odd and then there were dull parts then action then, “Wow that pirate girl is cool”. So this one has good parts and slow parts. Overall its imaginative  I have yet to see another steampunk novel for this age group so that’s pretty cool in the imagination category. I don’t know if I would have bought this, but it is only 99 cents on the Kindle so it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

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