The Shepherd’s Tale

by Zack Whedon, Joss Whedon, Chris Samnee
Hardback Edition – Read January 12, 2013

Cost: $10.19 (As of this Post)

Length: 52 pages

Official Description:

One of Serenity’s greatest mysteries is finally revealed in The Shepherd’s Tale, filling in the life of one of the show’s most beloved characters – Shepherd Book! Who was Book before meeting Mal and the rest of the Serenity crew, how did he become one of their most trusted allies, and how did he find God in a bowl of soup? Answers to these and more questions about Book’s past are uncovered in this original hardcover graphic novel by rising stars Zack Whedon (Dr. Horrible, Terminator, Fringe) and Chris Samnee (Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps, Daredevil) . A pivotal chapter in the ongoing Serenity saga, The Shepherd’s Tale is also a rollicking, action-packed epic in its own right.

My Take:

This comic book is the one I was most looking forward to in the Serenity comics. Everyone I know wants to know about Shepherd Book and this book promised to give a little more insight into his character and it does….kinda. Really it just raises more questions and it doesn’t necessarily fit in with one instance in the show. I did find the format interesting. We start into the book right before we last see him in Serenity, he’s on Haven and it’s right before the attack from the Alliance and we get to see Shepherd actually gun down the aircraft that we see in Serenity. This book takes a backward look into flashes of Shepherds life. We kind of see where he starts but really his back story seems like it would fill a novel or two, his character just seems so rich it just becomes a little disappointing that this was all that we were able to see of Book. Does it fill in some questions, yeah of course, that was the point and the story itself was great but as a fan I just need more. Call me greedy. Now the art, I wasn’t a big fan of it honestly, it wasn’t all that impressive to look at, maybe that was the point, maybe the point was not to be caught up in the art and just focus on the story, but it just felt like it was lacking something. Should you read this book? Are you a Firefly fan? If the answer is “yes” then of course you should read it. If the answer is “no” then get up go turn on Netflix and stream some Firefly it’s awesome. I’ve been a fan since it was on TV (oh so briefly) and still have the initial release box set so call me a little biased. I don’t know if the Whedon clan is planning on putting out more Firefly books, I know there are other writers out there who have written some, but I hope they do.


“If you look at your life as a chain of events, each responsible for the next and caused by the last, where does any story begin?””

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