Hot Mama

by Jennifer Estep
Kindle Edition – Read February 2, 2013

Cost: $3.99 (As of this Post)

Length: 372 pages

Official Description: (This is book #2 of the Bigtime series)

By day, Fiona Fine is a successful couture designer, catering to the high society players of Bigtime, New York. By night, she’s Fiera, a superstrong superhero who can create and manipulate fire with her bare hands. Fiera, along with the other members of the heroic Fearless Five, make life miserable for the ubervillains who want to take over the city.

But Fiona’s personal life isn’t so fine. She still misses her fiancé, who was killed by ubervillains a year ago. But men admire Fiona’s smoking assets, and she decides to get back in the dating game – especially after she meets Johnny Bulluci. But this notorious playboy has plenty of secrets to go along with his sexy smile. And, with two new ubervillains in town who are intent on raising hell, Fiona’s love life might just crash and burn …

My Take:

Ok, I will start off with saying I liked book one better, Karma Girl (see below), but I did find this book enjoyable. Fiona, AKA Fiera, is kind of hard to like character, but this is done purposefully I suppose, I wonder what she was like before Travis, AKA Tornado, was murdered. I find it AMAZING that the superheros and ubervillains have no clue of everyone’s secret identities. The author makes it SO incredibly obvious, I know it is so we can cheer on our heroes to figure out who the good guys are. I also find it amusing that they pretty much say that masks don’t really ‘conceal’ the identities. It’s like Clark Kent has a disguise of glasses, so if I go and take my glasses off no one will recognize me! It’s funny really. On to the point, Fiona is a character, she is over the top, she eats non stop and she calls Henry and LuLu geeks non stop as well. She is a high fashion lady with very annoying tendencies but you come to like her, not really love her, but you know where she’s coming from and she has tried really hard to cut out emotion from her life since Travis. Well except anger, she does have a fiery temper. 🙂 Enter Johnny who came into town after the death of his father and is the brother to rival designer Bella, they hit it off at the Wedding of Sam and Carmen. Which by the way I missed them, but they were on their honeymoon for this story. Johnny is a rich playboy and he seems the right guy for a fling for Fiona so she can get over Travis. Then the two new ubervillains crash the party…Siren and Intelligal…which Intelligal….we are not very creative with our villain hero names. I men Halitosis Hal is kind funny. So pretty much Fiona’s world is turning upside down and she has to find a way to reconcile her past with her present/future. It actually did take me a while but the book wound up being pretty good, the villains weren’t as awesome and the story didn’t have that sense of urgency that #1 did, but it’s ok.


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