Betting Hearts

by Dee Tenorio
Kindle EditionRead June 17, 2013

Original Release Date:  June 6, 2006

Length: 220 pages

Official Description: This is book #1 in the Rancho Del Cielo series.

He’s never lost a bet in his life but she’s playing for keeps!

Cassandra Bishop’s boyfriend is back. Only problem is…she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or his new fiancée. What the confirmed tomboy would like is to wring his neck. She might have done it, too, if he hadn’t filled her in on the embarrassing truth that he’d left her at the altar because she wasn’t woman enough to satisfy him. Her pride nearly settled for punching him in the nose…until she thought of something better—proving him wrong.

High on Burke Hallifax’s list of cataclysmic nightmares is having to look at his best friend as a real female. But when her ex-fiancé makes his wedding a personal vendetta against Cass, Burke has no choice but to bet everything on her ability to out hot-girl the competition. Unfortunately, the entire town is betting as well—on whether Burke and Cass can pull off the makeover of the century…without losing their hearts in the process.

My Take:

It took me a while to get through this book, mostly because I just couldn’t get into it, it was too contrived and predictable, but then again a lot of folks eat these stories up. I really dislike when women decide to change themselves because of a man, and even though Cassandra says she isn’t changing because she was rejected, she is. I mean she wants to be more lady like instead of embracing who she is. Plus it takes seeing her naked for Burke to even notice her. I mean really it’s a shallow love story. Granted our two leads have been buddies their whole lives, but still, really, really contrived. Overall the book is alright, it has some funny moments, I’d rather know the nose punching CJ than the “lady like” one but that’s just my opinion. There are literally no surprises in this story, there are some twists that occur but you see them coming a mile away. The writing itself is ok, and I was entertained, eventually, but ask me in a few weeks about this book and I might not remember it.

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