by David Corey, Anthony Diecidue, Dave Lanphear, Perry Freeze, Mike Vosburg
Digital EditionRead June 28, 2013

Release Date: July 9, 2013

Length: 272 pages

Official Description:

It is the dawn of World War I, and Sherlock Holmes has been dead for 20 years. Professor James Moriarty is a lost man, but he’s called back into the fray when MI5 blackmails him into finding Holmes’ long-lost brother, Mycroft. What at first appears to be a routine case leads to a web of intrigue that involves a psychic box and its creator, a woman from Moriarty’s past, and a new villain that threatens to be greater than Moriarty ever was! This deluxe, hardcover edition collects Moriarty #1-9, the first and second story arcs of the acclaimed series (“The Dark Chamber” and “The Lazarus Tree”).

My Take:

I am not a Sherlock Holmes aficionado, but I do enjoy Holmes and gang, I love the deduction and being involved in figuring out the puzzles. This book isn’t about Holmes, not directly, this graphic novel follows Moriarty 20 years past the death of his arch nemesis, Sherlock Holmes. At first I didn’t really enjoy it, the art was odd to me, and getting inside of Moriarty’s head is equally strange, especially seeing as he really isn’t how I expect him to be. Honestly the afterward of this book says exactly how I feel about Moriarty. This book shows a post-Holmes Moriarty, not as a bad guy, though he’s not a good guy either, but he seems to almost take up Holmes’ mantle, follow in the footsteps of deductive reasoning and mystery solving. Though in a twisted and dark way. The art, like I said, hated it at first, it felt rough, it felt rushed, but as I read on it grew on me and now I find it lush and beautiful. The art should be rough, it’s a rough story Moriarty is a rough character who’s been through a lot and has so much going on that the art fit him perfectly. I love the idea, now, of getting to see a new version, a new perspective on the characters of Conan Doyle. I think this is a must for fans of this genre, its beautiful art and interesting story lines (2 different arcs) draw the reader in and captivates them. Loved it.

I did receive this book for free for an honest review!

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