Green Hornet Year One Omnibus

by Matt Wagner, Aaron Campbell
Kindle EditionRead August 15, 2013

Expected Release Date: August 27, 2013

Length: 288 pages

Official Description:

At last, the thrilling origin tale of the Green Hornet and Kato, the classic crime-fighting duo, can be told! After his father’s death, Britt Reid takes control of his father’s newspaper, The Daily Sentinel… but discovers that his true inheritance is his father’s thirst for justice.

Donning the iconic emerald outfit, developing an arsenal of non-lethal weaponry, and building his rapport with martial artist and driver Kato, Reid launches a crusade against mob boss Vincent “Skid” Caruso, making the bullet-ridden Chicago streets safe again during the Prohibition Era. But will the Green Hornet and Kato survive when their efforts attract attention of the sadistic enforcer called The Scourge?

This volume collects the complete twelve issue series by Matt Wagner and Aaron Campbell and features a cover gallery by John Cassaday, Matt Wagner, Alex Ross, and more!

My Take:

I don’t know anything about The Green Hornet, except there was a really bad movie out not too long ago that I didn’t watch, and that Kevin Smith did a version. That’s all I know, so reading this series was nice because it was the origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. The story goes from present to past intermittently thought the entire series. We see what’s going on now and also where Kato and Britt came from, an evolution of character. How they came to be vigilante heroes and even how they came to know one another, all while throwing in their first big case. It is always interesting to see how characters evolve, especially when you have no previous attachment to them. I never thought much of the Green Hornet and now I have so much more admiration for that character, though not on the top of the list of favorite “heroes”. The art was ok as well, it was gritty in that, prohibition era kind of way, and it gave a good feel for the story. The colors were all dark or muted but overall it was just merely alright, still beautiful but not the best I’ve seen. Overall, I’m glad I got to read this story, it was interesting to get to see the beginnings of a character and that always makes me want to read a little bit more.

* I did receive this book for free for an honest review!

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