by Kaye Thornbrugh
Kindle EditionRead September 11, 2013

Original Release Date: February 25, 2012

Length: 280 pages

Official Description: This is book #1 of the Flicker Series

All her life, strange creatures have flickered at the edge of Lee Capren’s vision, disappearing when she takes a second glance. Though they inspire her artwork, she can’t shake the uneasiness they bring. When she’s spirited away by these capricious faeries, Lee is forced to serve them as a portrait artist.

Enter Nasser: His magic has always been more of a curse than a gift, but he’s determined to use it to help others. After a chance encounter with Lee, he risks his safety to bargain for her freedom—and unleashes a danger he can’t yet imagine.

What felt like days in Faerie spanned years in the human world, and Lee’s old life has crumbled away. Now she’s living above a shop that caters to the city’s beguiling magical crowd and struggling to cope with her new life. Between clashes with Filo, the moody teenage boy who’s both her unwilling magic tutor and her temporary roommate; the discovery of her own powers; and her growing feelings for Nasser, Lee’s got a lot to deal with.

Meanwhile, a mysterious and cunning faerie is bent on using Lee as the key to a sinister plot. With dark forces closing in, Lee’s quest to protect her new friends, as well as her only chance at a real life, will take her through two worlds, both human and Faerie…

But she might not make it back.

My Take:

Oh Flicker, Flicker, Flicker, how I don’t actually know if I like you or not. This book is definitely middle of the road for me. So, why you may wonder do I not know if I like this book or not. Well, lets just say it took me forever and a week to get into this book. It starts of really, really good and like a book I would totally be into. There’s a girl who sees unusual creatures out of the corner of her eye, then is all of a sudden spirited away. That was just nifty, that whole opening scene was well done and drew me in. It as the whole middle part that felt like walking through mud. I can’t say it was poorly written, because it’s not. The background and characters are lush and easy to empathize with. Even the bad guy are easy to feel sorry for. I can’t put my finger on it, but for a short book the story seemed really drawn out. Honestly I actually like Filo (who is not a love interest) better than I liked Nasser. I was actually hoping Lee would wise up and moon over Filo instead. Is that weird. I actually felt more drawn to Filo than any other character in the story. I also would have liked to know what the Summer Prince wanted with Lee and why she was so important to him. We never talk about that or find out anything about when Lee was in the Faerie realm. I loved the ending and I loved the action scenes. The background and all that almost seemed like filler, and I would call it that if it weren’t for the importance of knowing backgrounds. I am going to assume that all the background building was done in this book so, hopefully, the next one will run more fluidly.


“Then she saw him, and in that moment, Lee knew everything. There wasn’t a thing in the universe that she didn’t understand, because all of the answers to every question she’d ever had were reflected in his eyes. Everything narrowed to him”

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