The Arrival of Armando DeLeon

by Rhiannon Frater Kindle EditionRead April 28, 2014 Original Release Date: April 11, 2013 Length: 55 pages

Official Description: This is episode #3 of the In Darkness We Must Abide series

Episode 3:

A mysterious new vampire appears in the life of the Socolis. Is he friend or foe?

In Darkness We Must Abide is the epic saga of one young woman caught in the dangerous world of the creatures of the night.

Already living in the shadows due to her albinism, Vanora is just a little girl when her older brother inadvertently unleashes a terrible evil from the family crypt that changes their lives forever. 

As she grows up in a world where beautiful deadly beings hunt by night, one captures her eye and her heart. Yet, can she trust the mysterious Armando? For there is a powerful entity plotting to claim her when she reaches adulthood in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and her enemy has enveloped her in a web of deceit, casting doubt on all she believes to be true. Soon, she will have to fight not only to save those she loves, but also for her very soul.

Rhiannon Frater delivers a chilling adventure once again with this multi-part epic serial with a dynamic cast, old school vampires, bloody action, a smoldering forbidden love, and a terrifying villain set against the backdrop of a modern day vampire war.

My Take:

*Note: This is a serial series, which means that there are a bunch of short stories (referred above as episodes) released every few weeks as the book is being written. There is actually a compilation of the whole first season if you don’t want to buy every book in the series separately.

This is episode 3 in the Darkness Must Abide series which starts a few years after the first book. The book opens up with an older Vanora remembering her past, which is the majority of  the book. This book finally introduces the mysterious Armando that older Vanora has mentioned in her ‘current time’. We still don’t know that much about him, except that Vanora has a huge crush on him and she’s kind of a weird little teenager. We see that the Scoloi’s are living the good life since 2/3 of them have turned vamp, they don’t drink human blood, they try to live a ‘normal’ life but everything good must come to an end. Or does it?

So , I’m still not sure what to think of this serial series, the tone is very dry, the flashbacks don’t read with much personality, but I think that there is a lot more interesting things coming in the future, especially with the questionable entrance of Armando and the interesting ending.

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