The Cabin: Mia’s Story

by Natalie Stark
Kindle EditionRead September 19, 2014

Original Release Date: March 31, 2013

Length: 78 pages

Official Description: (This is book #1 of the The Cabin series)

When Nathan Chaplin stepped out of the rain and into Mia’s life, she believed at last she could put her sinful past behind her. But on her wedding night, Mia knew she could no longer keep her secrets from her new husband. Anna loved Nathan, but she also craved the love and the touch of another.

Setting out into the mountains for the secluded honeymooner’s cabin, Anna’s past finally catches up with her. Separated from Nathan in a freak storm, Anna finds herself alone in the cabin with another, who reawakens those dark and forbidden desires within her.

Dark and romantic, sensual and sexy, ‘The Cabin’ will be the place where Mia can explore the more illicit side of her character.

In these dark erotic tales, Natalie Stark, explores the cunning, selfish and sexual side of all of us that so often leads to a place where we hide our most guilty of pleasures.

Sexy and risqué these stories will leave you with a delicious desire to find The Cabin and explore your own darker side.

My Take:

I bought this book forever ago because it was free. It still is by the way. I didn’t read what it was about because there was a very long period of life that I got every book available that was free. I of course have been gifted books, bought books, etc. and so on. I am now going through and trying to ‘clean out’ my kindle and read all the fluff I have.

I was not impressed with this story. We have this darkness that is inside Mia but it takes forever for her to tell us what it is. Then we find out that Mia is a jerk and there is nothing about her that I find redeeming. I feel so bad for Nathan, we don’t really know Nathan, we know that he loves and adores Mia and that Mia is a jerk. Ok, so the “character” the series revolves around is actually the cabin. We have all these people’s stories that involve this cabin and Mia’s is the first. All the people who want to visit have to hike forever to get to this beautiful get away. Actually the premise is interesting. It doesn’t have to be ‘sexy times’ but you know getaway cabins and rooms have got to have some good stories buried in their walls. I actually love the concept of different happening that occur in a location like this. A peak in the journey of random people’s lives. I didn’t enjoy this story. I didn’t like any character except Nathan, poor sucker. If you’re looking for ‘sexy times’ there is one, no, two scenes I think. I’m not really into stories that revolve around sex. I don’t mind stories that have sex in them, but I’d rather have a story. I also just didn’t like the characters and that just makes it difficult to enjoy anything else.


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