Burning Through Gravity

by Addison Moore
Kindle EditionRead November 25, 2014

Original Release Date: August 12, 2014

Length: 368 pages

Official Description:

BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY—they soared so high so fast they never expected the fall.

Two beautiful souls.
Two seemingly innocent deceptions.

Once they meet, Stevie and Ford explode into one another in a ball of lust, hotter than a July moon. Ford is assertive, dominate and in control, that is until Stevie brings him to his knees. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever met both inside and out. Stevie thinks he’s sweet, and sort of goofy—of course it doesn’t hurt that he drips sex like honey.

Stevie is starting to fall hard for Ford.
And Ford is all in with Stevie.
She wonders if he could ever forgive her for what she’s about to do.
She wonders if she wants him to.

They say love conquers all.
But love never met two liars like Stevie and Ford.

His lie cost her a few sleepless nights.
Her lie will cost him everything.

My Take:

Addison Moore, you are my guilty pleasure. It seems I will read anything you put out. Some stuff I like much better than others. This one was interesting. It  starts out very emotional, very sad, but death of a family member is difficult no matter what. Then we move to adult hood with Stevie who seems to be on a crash course to oblivion. Until of course she finds Ford who saves her, because a woman needs a man to save her from herself, and of course a man needs a woman to save them from themselves. Pretty much Stevie and Ford save each other in some way, they just don’t know it. They are too preoccupied with lies and deception that they can’t focus on what matters. Honestly the side characters in this story seem more like high schoolers than nearly out of college professionals who are interning at a prestigious business. There are absolutely beautiful parts of this story. Mostly it’s about jumping in to bed with attractive people, but the story does have some great tender moments. There are so many off the wall things going on in the story, that just break down the fourth wall and you want to yell at the writer, “You have got to be f-ing kidding me!” I understand there should be drama, but things go absurd in a flash. The tender moments save it. There are moments of greatness in this story, moments were Addison really shines. A lot of the story though feels forced, overly contrived and predictable, but I still enjoyed it.

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