Storm Front

by Jim Butcher
Hardcover EditionRead March 9, 2015

Original Release Date: January 1, 2000

Length: 320 pages

Official Description: (Book #1 in the Dresden Files series)

Harry Dresden wizard PI narrates bad cases from Chicago PD. Hearts explode out of chests, singer Tommy Tomm in bed with whore Jen Stanton. Chauffeur is next victim. Warden Morgan for White Council wants Harry executed for murders. Monica Sells pays Harry up front to find husband Victor. Harry realizes black wizard Shadowman powers evil spells with storms.

My Take: 

This is another one of those books that I’ve owned for awhile. In fact I not only own the Kindle version I own the hardback and the audio. Why? Well, I wanted to read it and I kept forgetting that I already owned it. How did I read it then? I actually dual read it using my hardback and the audio. Let’s talk about the important stuff first, the story. I don’t know what I was expecting, I really don’t know a whole lot about this series, except everyone that I know that has read it, loves it. I haven’t even seen the Dresden Files TV series, though my husband has. Harry Dresden is a wizard, a wizard detective. Which is pretty awesome, except he seems to have Morgan stalking him waiting for him to make a mistake so the White Council can kill him. Morgan always shows up at the wrong time. Morgan’s character both irritates me and intrigues me. There are no real grey areas in the wizarding world. This makes Harry’s life a bit more difficult. The book is really well written, Harry has a great wit about him that makes his character likable. The world, though not entirely flushed out, that Harry lives in is interesting and full of great possibilities for the rest of the series. Of course there are 15 books out currently, not including the novellas or the two expected books. Needless to say this is a popular series. With the writing  that is displayed in just the first book it is no wonder that this series took off.

Now the audio book. This is narrated by James Marsters. Which was the sole reason that I had the audio book. He first came to my nerdy little attention on such classic shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and had a romp around Smallville for a time. He was entertaining in those formats, so why not audio? He did a pretty good job, it was read a bit more dry than I would have expected, but he did well. I mean he does narrate all the other books in the series so, obviously, others liked the performance that he put forth. One thing was that there was background noise. Not a lot, mostly you could hear the pages being turned, the transition from takes isn’t seamless either. Other than those minor little details the audio was wonderful. The first book was short, and gave you just a small taste of what is to come and I am giddy to jump aboard this train. I may be a decade and a half past the original departure, but hey now I don’t have to wait forever to read the next book.


“Smiling always seems to annoy people more than actually insulting them. Or maybe I just have an annoying smile.”

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