Edward Scissorhands: Volume 1: Parts Unknown

by Kate Leth, Drew Rausch (Illustrator)
Digital EditionRead May 19, 2015

Original Release Date: April 22, 2015

Length: 124 pages

Official Description

An all-new adventure revisiting Edward Scissorhands’ two decades after the end of the fan-favorite movie! In a castle just outside a sleepy suburban town, a brilliant inventor created Edward Scissorhands… but left him tragically unfinished. Two generations of exile have left Edward digging through abandoned experiments, but once he wakes up a creature left buried, he discovers he isn’t the only one missing a vital piece. As Edward tries to fix a grave mistake, he comes face-to-face with a teenage girl who was sure he was only myth… despite the stories her grandmother told her about the man she could never touch.

My Take:

I loved the Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands. I watched it as a youngster, understanding societies fears of acceptance, of something never seen before, especially of something so different and misunderstood. The ease of placing all of our love and trust into something then almost as quickly to reject and vilify it. Of course Tim Burton did a fantastic job with imagery and color. It’s hard to beat that film, especially when you stretch the popularity into a graphic novel decades later.

I understand the art, I find it to be somewhat fitting to the inspiration that is the entire story. The plot is not plausible, Kim’s granddaughter is the approximate age as Kim when she first met Kim. After 2 generations of self-exile into a house he was created in and lived for, god knows how long, he reemerged. Why? After all of these decades Edward discovers a gadget made by his creator that Edward think could be his brother, a friend, a companion after the years of isolation. After discovering, and fixing, this companion he looks at the bottom the page and sees that this companion is a psychobot. Which was released on the community and Edward comes out to find the bot and save everyone. Enter Kim’s granddaughter, who is supposed to look a lot like Kim since Edward confuses the two. Rumor’s of the big bad Edward who has turned into the town’s own urban legend.

Overall, the story just didn’t cut it for me. Yeah, it’s great to see Ed out and about and all that jazz, but it’s a stretch, it doesn’t make sense at all, and it just feels like the creators were trying to hard to create something out of someone else’s idea, and to cash in on a cult classic. Though I do think the creators have a genuine love of Edward and were doing it for their craft, it just was a miss.

(I did receive this book free for an honest review)

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