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Celestra Forever After

by Addison Moore
Kindle EditionRead May 18, 2014

Original Release Date: March 29, 2014

Length: 510 pages

Official Description:

18 year-old Skyla Messenger has it all. She’s the overseer of all 5 angelic factions, a freshman at Host University, and she has the boy of her dreams by her side. 

When a horrible truth is discovered, it changes the landscape of everything she thought she knew. Skyla enters into a covenant with wickedness that has the potential to alter the destiny of both the Nephilim and humankind forever. 

Nothing is as it seems. 

Just when she thought it was over, 
she discovers 
it hasn’t even begun. 

My Take:

I have enjoyed reading Addison Moore’s work (just see all the books below), but I think the magic is dying down. Granted this book has garnered tons and tons of 5 star reviews from die hard fans. So, I expected so much more.

First let’s say the Amazon page and Goodreads page states you don’t have to read the Celestra series to enjoy this…I call BS. You would be confused as all get up if you never read the Celestra series, also you should read the Countenance trilogy as well. I’ve only read the first one, but this book seems to be a continuation of both series.

Each chapter of has 3 parts each part being a different POV. It always goes in the same order: Skyla, Gage, Logan. It gives a nice change of perspective because I think Skyla gets more vapid as time goes on, extremely clueless, always jumping to the exact wrong conclusion. This entire book is just like the Celestra series, except foul language and more explicit sex scenes. This book was pretty much an excuse to continue on the series, but call it new and but a New Adult tag on it. Honestly I was hoping this book would be about how Gage gets the girl and they live happily ever after. It is … kind of, of course we have to find ways to vilify all of Skyla’s love interests. Really Paragon seems like a huge island of STDs, geesh all the sleeping around of the minor characters is gross and not endearing.

The characters we see are of course Skyla, Gage, Logan (though very limited), Marshall (also very limited), Demetri, Wes, Laken, Cooper and well…everyone else from both series. These are just the characters in the forefront. We see Skyla take on her position as Overseer. We also see Gage and Skyla head off to college, which is kind of in the back ground of this series. Everyone is at Host, well, not everyone, people don’t really all that ambitious. Emma, hates Skyla, I mean HATES her, but Gage swears she doesn’t. There are secrets all around in this book, per usual and Chloe rears her ugly head to lure Skyla into a trap.

So, what do I really think of the book? It’s ok, it was hard to get through though, I mean I kept having to put it down. Which I hate doing, I hate taking forever to read a book, especially a series that I’ve invested so much in. I had to sit down today and say to myself, “You will finish, you will get through it!” and 80% of the way through I finally got into it.

Now you might be just like all the fans out there and think this is the best thing ever, but really this series is grasping at straws, jumping the shark, breathing thin air. Love the writer, but it’s not what it once was.

Favorite Quote:

Our love set the world on fire. Unapologetically we watch it burn. This is the genesis of who we are. This is the twisted beginning.

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by Addison Moore
Kindle EditionRead March 28, 2014

Original Release Date: November 10, 2013

Length: 559 pages

Official Description: (This is book 8 of the Celestra series)

ELYSIAN is the final book in the young adult Celestra Series. Part One and Part Two together in one e-book. This novel is 184,000 words.

Love and destiny wait for no one.

Skyla Messenger is in the arms of death.

While Skyla awaits the verdict of the faction war, she makes some troubling discoveries. Covenants that were sealed in the past come back to haunt her, and she must make hard decisions that will effect all those around her.

My Take:

This is it, everything is supposed to come to an end right here with this book! All your questions will be answered, Skyla will make up her mind whose bed she’s going to be in, and Chloe will get what’s coming to her. Plus we’ll get answers to all these confusing visions of the past. Right?! Right?! Well…kind of. This book was way longer than it should have been. The emotions you felt for the Gage, Logan, Marshall love square is all withered up and you’re just ready for that to end. We want to know who wins the war and we want justice for the evil that is Chloe Bishop.

Do we get that? Yes…and No. The book let’s you know all about how Skyla’s love life will go. We actually sort of empathize with Demetri, we find out Chloe’s secret and why she did what she did. We also don’t really get an ending. It all kind of fizzles in the end, it leaves a bitter-sweet taste and no shipper is truly satisfied, plus we end with more questions than should be natural.

*Spoiler Alert, Kind Of* PLUS the promise of a new adult Skyla series…which means Skyla with more sex.

So, I don’t know what to think of this series, mostly I think it jumped the shark, it went on long enough for me to lose interest, which is sad, because it’s a good series, and Addison Moore is a wonderful writer. Just color me a little disappointed. You know what it doesn’t really matter what I think. Ms. Moore saw her vision out to the end and I will say this, I would never want to live on Paragon. Even with all the stunningly attractive people who live there, I just would not want to live in a glorified hell on Earth. For angels these guys are a lot of little demons running around. It’s craziness I tell you!

I will not stop reading Ms. Moore’s works, I will love them and hope that they each capture the magic that Ethereal ignited, and passion for each character, whether that be loathing or love.

Favorite Quote:

“Sacrificing for the ones you love is the most beautiful gift of all. It can never be repaid. You would never want it to.”

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Toxic Part Two

by Addison Moore
Kindle EditionRead May 16, 2013

Original Release Date: November 20, 2012

Length: 458 pages

Official Description: (This is book 7 .5 of the Celestra series)

Skyla Messenger’s days are drawing to an end.

Seventeen year-old Skyla has been taken by the Counts, is under the strict punishment of her mother in a war gifted in her honor, and is the only hope of the people captive in the tunnels. Everything that can go wrong has. For Skyla, life is panning out to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Relationships change.
The war draws to an end.
Death comes to Paragon.

Skyla must decide if she is brave enough to sacrifice everything in order to save her people.

My Take:

ONE MORE! There is only ONE MORE left. It’s about time this series draws to an end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a wild ride, I love Skyla, Gage, Marshal, Logan, and the gang, but man this series is drawn out.  I mean holy crap this series is epic and so much of it draws on the love hexagon that surrounds Skyla. I get it she’s hot, sweet, awesome just pick a dude and move on with life, it’s not fair to string them all along. Not like they really give her a fighting chance. Also, I hate Chloe, hate her, hated her before we knew she was bad. Never trusted that character, but things are turning out interesting. We are on the edge of the end, about to jump off, we are so close and then we slam into the wall that’s a cliffhanger. I hate how things progress so slowly for the first 3/4 of the book then they speed up ton interesting and awesome then it’s over. Ug, frustrating, good frustrating the ride is alright but I’m ready to conclude this series, I NEED to know what happens, but still ❤

Favorite Quotes:

“Apparently, she’s afraid he’s going to forget how to replicate the autonomic response because we all know little geniuses are apt to forgetting menial tasks like respiration.”

“He’s the enemy. He never has a point. His only point is to make my life miserable — that and world domination.”

“Crap on a crap cracker. You’re going to get us arrested.”

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Ethereal Knights

by Addison Moore
Kindle Edition Read May 15, 2013

Original Release Date: February 21, 2013

Length: 229 pages

Official Description: This is book #1 of the Celestra Knights series

A point of view novel: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) rewritten through Logan and Gage’s perspective.

Angels still roam the earth through Nephilim bloodlines. The battle for power between angelic factions intensifies when a new girl moves to Paragon Island.

Logan and Gage Oliver are captivated by Paragon’s newest resident, Skyla Messenger. Logan believes she is the Celestra destined to grow to a ripe old age with him, and Gage believes she’s the girl prophesized to be his.

The battle lines are drawn as both Olivers vie for her attention while danger lurks around every corner, and they must work together to keep Skyla safe. Logan fights to keep his new relationship with Skyla, but destiny alters his plans and he must make a decision that might cost him Skyla forever.

My Take:

So, this was interesting little take on the Celestra series. This goes ALL the way back to book one (Ethereal) only we see it in the view of both Gage and Logan. Take it as no big surprise that 16/17-year-old boys have dirty, dirty minds and potty mouths. I don’t know really if I want to be disillusioned by the thoughts of the Olivers, I mean you have this picture of them built up of them in your head, is their POV really necessary. It isn’t, it doesn’t really change the story, it just gives you a whole other insight into the Celestra world, the world of Skyla, and honestly I would like to see what’s going  through their heads later on in the series when everything just goes crazy and you have no idea what’s going on. This book is ok, it doesn’t have the magic of the other series, maybe because we kind of get clips into their world on Addison Moore’s website, maybe because they are pure and perfect like you want them to be, maybe because teenage boys think way to much about sex, who knows. I love the writing of Ms. Moore, I’ll read anything she puts out at this point, because she has a way of dragging you into the story, the world, the characters, you sympathize, hate, etc. It’s just in this one…I don’t know, it just is missing something…perhaps it is because the element of the unknown is gone so you don’t invest yourself so much…perhaps it’s because the tone is different, I don’t know, it is still entertaining it just doesn’t have that spark.


“Skyla is water and oxygen, and I need to soak her in, drink her down—be near her, in her—just to survive.”

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Toxic Part One

by Addison Moore
Kindle Edition – Read January 20, 2013

Cost: $3.99 (As of this Post)

Length: 378 pages

Official Description: (This is book 7 of the Celestra series)

Skyla Messenger’s days are numbered.

With an angelic Faction War riding on her shoulders, and her mother’s newfound need to cozy with the enemy, Skyla also has to deal with the fact someone close to her has openly deceived her.

Skyla learns that sometimes in life, and in love, things aren’t always what they seem.

My Take:

I read this book AFTER I read Ephemeral which is another series but involves the Counts, it was SO cool to actually see Skyla’s and Laken’s stories intertwine in Toxic. Also I must say for some reason I am still team Marshall, I don’t know why it just seems he is the most forthright guy in Skyla’s life, is it just me? I know that this series is wrapping up with what 2 more books publishing after this one? I may be wrong but I thought I saw that Book 8 (Toxic part 2 being 7.5) would be the last. Anyway, this series is just so epic and long and sometimes, looking back, it felt like it didn’t go anywhere. I love the writing style of Ms. Moore, I love the characters in this book and I’m glad that we didn’t harp much on Chloe, because that just gets a bit tedious after a while. Instead we are spending the greater portion of this book mourning over Gage without hearing his side of the story, and trying to make him jealous with either Marshal or Logan, sometimes the vapid teenagerness just gets to me. I am ready to find out how this story ends, I’m ready to find out whose side everyone winds up on and who Skyla finally decides to settle with, but more on this book. If you enjoyed the previous 6 books then you’ll like this one and it ends much the same as the others, with the undeniable urge to know more and a swift brick wall that you slam into because, Yeah, cliffhangers. Have no fear if cliffhangers get you down because part 2 has been released already, we’re just waiting for the last one and I’m ready.


“Love can play host to rich delusions. It stifles reality and skews the truth to meet our insatiable desire to be wanted, longed for, needed. It waxes poetic on destiny and soul mates with thoughts of forever and happily ever after pinned high on its wings. Love affords you the luxury of a unique brand of trust, an intimate level of confidence that solidifies two souls as one. It unifies them under the false banner of all things holy and right.”

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